Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sorry it's been awhile


Hello my lovely readers.  I'm so sorry it has been extremely long since I've last posted.  Many things have happened since the end of March.  Specifically, my dear grandfather passed away after reaching his 97th birthday.  I was very close to him, taking care of him in his later years, just as much as he took care of me when I was young.  My heart was broken, but I had to see him returned to his home in Binan, Philippines. 

Although I was away for just over 2 weeks, I couldn't quite wrap my head around writing while there or when I got back. I zoned in on taking pictures while I was staying with relatives.  (Including the above, which is the sampaguita jasmine flower.)  As well I took to the gym, reading, cooking, crocheting and crystallizing many shoes.  Now looking back, they were activities that were in some way related to my grandfather.  He enjoyed cooking meals for his large family and any friends who would pass by.  He enjoyed boxing, cycling, martial arts, basketball and almost all sports we could watch on tv.  He had a shoe and slipper manufacturing business in his town.  I can still remember some of the slippers my grandmother would wear that were covered in beads and sequins from their business.  It is no wonder that I love artsy and crafty things.

In my heart and in my mind, the fact that he is gone still hurts, but I know he is in a better place with his wife, my Booker and many other family members who have passed on.  

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