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I love Returns! Versace for H&M Haul!!

So you may be wondering about the title, why would you love returns?  Well this haul is all composed of Versace for H&M products that were returned.  I didn't buy any of it on launch day on November 19. :)  No 3AM lineups or waiting for hours and hours on end.  Granted, I've been pretty lucky and I've had to have a lot of patience to get my goodies.

I spent way too much, resulting in a huge slash in the cosmetic budget for a couple of months, but it's Versace!  I had wanted quite a bit of the Versace for H&M collection, including the metallic dress in either silver or gold.  I saw them in store, but they were at least 2 sizes too big for me.  It would've been extremely unrealistic for me to get the metalic dress then take it to a tailor who would look at me like a complete nut case.

In any case, in order of purchase, I got the metallic silver sandals, pink patent studded evening bag, metallic silver wide belt, black leather charm bag and the black silk floral bustier.  Each one was a pleasant surprise to find.  :)

My first visit post-launch to H&M to look for any leftovers, there was a stack of metallic silver sandals, black patent sandals and black pointy toe booties.  The majority of which was size 5, 9 or 10.  The silver attracted me the most, while the booties reminded me too much of JLo hiking booties from many many years ago.  I found one box marked size 6, but a 10 sitting inside.  After a little bit of digging, I found the misplaced pair.  Yea!  The heels are quite high, so I think I'll save these for a night with little walking or dancing. 

I also saw the purple knee length dress, but the cut of the dress didn't suit me. Unfortunately, the band going around the neck, didn't sit right on me since I'm a bit short between my neck and bust.  Oh well, perhaps someone else will like it.

On my second visit, I got the pink patent studded evening bag and the black silk bustier in what I thought was my usual H&M size, a 4.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to try it on and once I did at home, it was far too tight.  I had it on for about a minute when I started to feel light headed.  Sadly, I returned it on my third visit but I got the silver belt to match my shoes. Silver shoes, silver dress, pink bag and a simple little black dress = a fast easy outfit :)

But that black silk bustier haunted me.  I didn't think I would want it, but the amazing detailing on the front was too gorgeous.  A cut out back to show the work of 1000s of burpees I do every week?  Yes, I needed it for at least that.  The inside was a dream.  A bustier inside a bustier??  No one does that for $149CAD!

So I went back but found another love: the black leather chain bag I had oh so wanted.  It's heavy golden charms dangle along both sides.  All to be held in the crook of my arm with a heavy golden chain. :)

But that black silk bustier...It tormented me!  My co-worker kept saying, it not wasn't worth it. However, I knew if it was for me it would be there one day.  Plus I had a feeling that there would be a lot of returns ;)  I went back day after day for nearly two weeks.  Found a few in a size 2... I would need to remove a rib or two to fit into that.  Found another two in a size 10.  Well, then I'd have to gain all the weight I've worked so hard to get off.  Not going to happen!  But I found it!  Luckily, I had time to try it on in a size 6 (and an 8 just in case) and make sure it fit.  Yes, a bit big, but that will just allow me breathing room and space to move. 

The detailing in the bustier is amazing, but even in the shopping bag, there is the beautiful print along the sides of the bag. The dust bags for the shoes and bags also have the Versace print and embroidered Versace for H&M logo. Wow was all I could say about it all.
The look options with all of these items will be so much fun! I'm planning on wearing the bustier with black leggings, my Jimmy Choo for H&M black leather jacket, with black booties (since it is winter) and perhaps the pink studded bag for my next date night. Perhaps for New Year's Eve the bustier with a black pencil skirt and a cropped black blazer. Oh the options!

So ladies and gentlemen, check your nearest H&M store that was selling the Versace collection. Stalk it out and maybe, just maybe you'll find someone else's returns that will be your treasure. :) But be careful. Don't be like me and cut into too much of your budgets for other fabulous things ;)

Anybody else out there get some Versace for H&;M? What did you get??? Did you line up for hours or stalk out the returns? I'd love some sharing :)

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