Monday, November 14, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter & Ice Haul Review & Swatches

The MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter & Ice Collection collaboration with Johnny Weir is sure to tickle your glitter loving heart.  Full of glitter and frost, it sure is one to make your peepers sparkle away.  I picked up Morning Frost Paint Pot, Hold That Pose Mineralize Eye Shadow, Winterized Mineralize Eye Shadow and Snow Season Mineralize Eye Shadow.

Morning Frost Paint Pot is a cool light mauvey taupey beige. It is frosty verging on glittery and has a slightly gritty texture.  It is nowhere near as smooth as the permanent Bare Study Paint Pot that is more of a shimmery pearl finish. The texture of Morning Frost makes it more mobile, so it slips on the lid rather than staying put as with most Paint Pots. (Perhaps I need to dry it out a little bit.) It is only a hint mauvey taupe than Bare Study.  It is quite pale and is super high in shimmer and frost.  It is similar to Bare Study that it could be used as an every day base to match up with shades.  Having said that, I would've probably picked up another Bare Study instead due to the slipping of Morning Frost.  To be honest I don't believe I would have gotten it except for the packaging.  The white cap on the usual glass jar is pretty cute and is a great indicator of what is inside when looking through a drawer of Paint Pots and Fluidlines with the usual black caps. :)

Hold That Pose Mineralized Eye Shadow is a frosty melange of pink, grey, and white frost. It swatches to a high frost pinked silver.  I would stick to this one being used sparingly as it can be a bit stark, especially on warmer skintones.

Winterized Mineralized Eye Shadow is a frosty melange of navy blue, grey, deep purple, and pink frost. It swatches to a greyed deep mauve.  It reminds me a bit of MAC Hynotizing and Shale. 

Snow Season Mineralized Eye Shadow is a frosty melange of pink, white and golden champagne.  It swatches pinky champagne frost. This one reminds me of the limited edition Love Connection from many collections back.  Love Connection does have more golden champagne in it of course since half of it is golden champagne.  Snow Season is like Love Connections toned down sister.

The formula of these is pretty consistent across the three that I picked out. On the dry side, I suggest applying these wet to avoid fall out and have a smoother application. They do have a chunky texture due to the frost level, and results in pretty significant fall out.  However, since most of these are on the lighter side, think of it as fairy dust for your holiday look.

Now, they are definitely not like the Semi-Precious Collection eye shadows with shades ranging from green to blue and smokey gold.  These are extremely shimmery and will probably not attract a lot of people to them.  However, I still think they deserve a look.  Mixed with a few less shimmery eye shadows, it could be a lovely holiday look. 

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