Sunday, December 4, 2011

MAC Fall Color 2011 Emerald Dusk, Starless Night & Blue Storm Review & Swatches

Oh how I adore MAC Pigments! My heart just went yea! when I saw these in store during the MAC Fall Color Collection 2011 release party. (I know its a little bit late you say...)  I got Emerald Dusk, Starless Night and Blue Storm Pigments.

Emerald Dusk is described by MAC as deep yellow blue with white pearl.  My initial pictures are pretty washed out, but please do look at the pictures to the bottom of this post where they are swatched wet using plain old water.  The yellow in Emerald Dusk becomes more apparent when swatched wet and lends it to being used with possibly some golds and maybe copper.  (Hmm, look ideas!)

Starless Night is described by MAC as deep black purple with light purple pearl.  This one kind of reminds me of MAC Later Pigment, but with a more interesting base color that isn't just straight out black.  It also reminds me of MAC Venomous Villains My Dark Magic Mineralized Eye Shadow but without the chunky glittery bits.

Blue Storm is described by MAC as rich metallic blue.  It is a darker richer version of MAC Bell Bottom Blue Pigment.

These three pigments are of course highly pigmented.  They happen to be pretty smooth, so they adhere to sticky bases a lot nicer than some of the chunkier pigments and eye shadows do.  While they are decent when used dry, they pack on much better when used wet with either water, MAC Fix+ or mixing medium.  Among the three, if I had to pick just one I think I would choose Starless Night.  Probably because I am just a sucker for anything pink and purple ;)

From what I can tell, these are still available online.  I haven't checked with my local counters lately, but when available online, there may be a possibility for those who haven't picked any up yet ;)

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