Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Purple & Gold Loving: MAC Posh Paradise Imaginary Half-Wild Hyperviolet Genuine Treasure Paint Pots Review & Swatches

Oh how I love MAC Paint Pots.  They are so easy to use, they enhance eye shadow color and they increase the longevity of powder eye shadows.  I was so excited to see more Paint Pots being released in the Posh Paradise collection that released just recently.  I picked up four beautiful shades: Genuine Treasure, Half-Wild, Imaginary and Hyperviolet.

Genuine Treasure is a chockful glitter packed antique gold.  It is definitely not something I'd recommend to someone who likes matte eye shadow! However, I can take that glitter and match it up with more glitter-goodness.  How about topping it with MAC Tempting, Mythology?  Yes, it is gorgeous :)  It's sticky texture allows for less fall out of your favourite golden or bronze glittery eye shadow. :)

Half-Wild is a creamy medium purple.  It goes really well with MAC Vibrant Grape, Plum Dressing and Shockaholic. (Probably not all of those shades together though, that would be a very intense look!)

Hyperviolet is a rich plummy purple. This one is a cross between MAC Violet Trance and Shock-aholic.  While similar to Half-Wild, it is deeper in shade.

Imaginary is a deep bluish indigo.  MAC calls it a blackened navy, but it has a slightly purple feel to it.  So of course between blue and purple comes indigo :)  This goes well with many of the darker blue and purple eye shadows that MAC has released.  I'm thinking of using it with blue toned pigments and old love MAC Blue Flame Mineralize Eye Shadows.

The formula for all of the Paint Pots that I picked up (except for Genuine Treasure) were creamy and smooth. Well pigmented and buildable, they appear dreamily rich as an eye shadow base.  Genuine Treasure on the other hand did not build up well and had a texture that was gritty due to it being chockful of glitter. (Oh well, it's still pretty gorgeous!) My only other complaint is that MAC Paint Pots do dry fairly quickly.  So I try to do one eye at a time so that the second eye does not have the base dry out too quickly.

I don't tend to use Paint Pots as a cream eye shadow without powder eye shadow to set it.  My eyelids tend to be too oily to do so most of the time.  I did try it with Half-Wild over the lid and Imaginary in the crease.  It didn't too much after 4 hours and it had a slightly moist appearance that I thought would be interesting to wear out one evening.  Genuine Treasure didn't hold up well to being used without a powder eye shadow to set.  It moved around too much within a few hours.

Overall, these new release Paint Pots are a great addition to my collection.  If you want some additional eye shadow bases to add to your collection, these are definitely ones to check out.  I contemplated the remaining Paint Pots, but the only other one that really jumped out at me was Pure Creation.  It's a beautiful shade of sky blue that I am sure would look great on others, but perhaps on others. Oh well, you never know I may end up picking it up on my next visit to the MAC counter ;)  Enjoy the pictures for now :)

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