Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAC Ultra Darling Sheen Supreme Lipstick Review & Swatches

I was craving a little something different in my lip product routine while at the MAC counter a few weeks ago.  The one product line I had yet to try out was the spring release Sheen Supreme Lipsticks.  Their black glossy package instantly attracted me.  I picked out Ultra Darling with its soft glossy pink shade.

Ultra Darling is described by MAC as a mid-tone yellow pink. It is certainly a go to shade for me.  It isn't a shade that will dominate a look nor will it be too pale or neutral to be too neutral on my NC40 skintone.

It is fairly soft and light on the lips.  It does apply smoothly over freshly buffed lips.  So hint hint, don't forget to exfoliate as this formula does tend to show any flakes or unevenness on the lips.

It delivers a semi-sheer coverage, much less than your average Satin, Frost or Amplified Creme finish lipstick. It is much more similar to a Lipglass. Or even a Lustre or more pigmented Glaze formula MAC Lipstick.

Unfortunately, the wear time on these is rather short.  A few sips of a drink or a meal will surely do it in.  Otherwise with no eating or drinking, I found it lasted about 3 hours.

Given the wear time and pigmentation, some may think I would pass up this formula up altogether.  However, in this shade as well as other softer, neutral or pink shades I think it works well. I would be less inclined with a deeper or brighter shade of lipstick that requires a lot of work to maintain.  Those would probably drive me mad with checking if it was even if I had a drink and needed to reapply every half an hour.

The glossiness and lightweight non-sticky texture are great for those who like the look of a Lipglass but less drawn to it due to stickiness.  I think on a windy rainy day this would definitely be something I'd be more inclined to reach for than other glossier lip products.

HTH! :)  MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are available at MAC counters and stores for $17.50 CAD each.

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