Monday, September 5, 2011

Sparklicious & Vegan NOTD: Sparitual Liquid Gold Nail Lacquer

On my last visit to the salon, I came across mini bottles of Sparitual nail lacquer. It was on my list of things nail goodies to check out, so obviously I had to get a few.  The mini bottles contain 5 mL 0.17 fl oz.  The first to be reviewed is this sparklicious beauty Liquid Gold. Each sells for $6 CAD each at Opus Salon in Yaletown Vancouver.

Liquid Gold is a shimmer finish with gold and silver shimmer throughout. It applies much like any other good quality nail lacquer, not too thick and not too thin.  Being a shimmer, it does not have any noticeable grittiness on first application.  However, on the second coat, it does have a slight drag.  It dries down readily to a shiny golden champagne shade. It wears well for 3-4 days for me with only a few minor chips.  (Do bear in mind that I am very hard on my nails where I am opening boxes and lifting boxes everyday.)  I also have to note that the brush is a little bit shorter compared to your typical OPI, MAC or Chanel nail polish.  It does make it a little bit easier to control brush strokes, especially in reference to the slight drag on the second coat.

It is a great nail lacquer that is DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free. Most notably though, it does have a unique aspect in that it does use vegan ingredients.  I do eat steak and other such animals, but the less chemicals in my beauty products, all the better.  When my mom starts going off about using chemicals on my nails, I can just point out that the Sparitual actually doesn't use the baddies in the old stuff.  The glass of each bottle is made in part of recycled glass.  More points in the environmentally friendly department.  :)  I really like how the handle has ridges up and down the side of it. It does make it easier to open the bottle and hold on to it during application.  I know with a few other nail lacquers, I was unable to open them up with great force, where I've unfortunately had to toss them.  Am hoping that won't be the case here.

Overall, I quite like Liquid Gold.  Three coats results in shimmery sparkliciousness. I thought it would be one of the options to take to Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut, but it came in pretty close.  I am very excited to try more Sparitual.  More to come this week. :)

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