Monday, July 4, 2011

MAC Cosmetics Surf Baby Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

Am such an eyeshadow addict, the MAC Surf Baby Collection eye shadows sucked me in. They compliment each other and combine to create a summery tropical eye look. I initially grabbed four of the five from the collection, but later got Saffron to complete the set.

The summery shades of Surf Blonde, Short Shorts, Surf USA and Swell Baby are gorgeous shades to add to your stash.  With the exception of Swell Baby, they perform extremely well, without the use of both UDPP and MAC Paint.  They apply smoothly and evenly without much layering for complete coverage.

Surf Blonde is a subdued frosted golden yellow.  It verges on being a mustard yellow, but more of a darkened lemon.

Short Shorts is a frosted shimmery ivory. It's much like Femme-Fi and Chamomile from previous releases.  While not stunning, a great highlighter that isn't too shimmery is always good to have.

Surf USA is a frosted golden teal.  It is simply stunning!  Great eye catching lid color that really pops but can be made subtle.  I think this would look great used as an eyeliner during the hot summer months when full on eye makeup is not what you're looking for. 

Swell Baby is a satiny medium grey. It has a slightly drier that works well for a crease or blending shade. The texture doesn't quite allow it to be used as a lid color on its own.  I'd suggest using a MAC Paint or something similar to get complete coverage. With that said, it still needs a lot of packing for complete coverage.

The only eye shadow in this collection I wasn't completely happy with was Swell Baby, but otherwise Short Shorts, Surf USA and Sun Blonde are fabulous.  Definitely worth a peak!

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