Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sparkling Pink Champagne: MAC Cham-Pale Let Me Pop Paint Pot Review, Swatches & Comparison

This is a wee bit late, but better late than never counts. :)  I caved and bought one of the MAC Cham-Pale Collection Paint Pots in Let Me Pop.

Let Me Pop is the shade of one of  my favorite drinks, sparkling pink champagne. It is lightweight and hence applies on the sheer side compared to most other MAC Paint Pots. However, it does stay true to color through the day, even without a powder eye shadow to set it. 

Compared to other MAC Paint Pots, it bears some resemblance to Rubenesque, a golden peach with gold pearl.  Swatched side by side, Rubenesque is noticeably lighter and less pink than Let Me Pop. 

What eye shadows will work with it?  MAC Melon Pigment comes to mind, as well as MAC Paradisco Eye Shadow.  Both will pull more pink than if over Rubenesque and will be more vibrant than over Bare Study. 

Now is it worth it?  It's great if you like your pink champagne's and desire pinker eye shadows.  Or if you're a Paint Pot lover like myself. ;) 

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