Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor Siahi & Ivy Fluidlines Review & Swatches

Unfortunately the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection has seemed to have gone quietly under the radar for many a MAC Addict. (Yes, myself included.  To be honest, I got it at the MAC store and left my haul in its bag until about a week later.)  My little haul includes Siahi and Ivy Fluidlines.

Siahi is a bright marine blue with a hint of silver shimmer.  When used ever so lightly on the lower lashline is quite lovely.  Between the two, I like this one more.

Ivy is a vivid emerald green with a hint of golden shimmer. I find this one applied unevenly and took a few extra swipes to get a solid line.  While I don't love it, I think this will work well as an eyeshadow base.

Fluidlines are smooth and silky gel based liners.  While they do require a brush to apply, the results can be a full days worth of wear without worrying much about it smudging or moving about.  Siahi and Ivy hold up to long wear, as well as smooth application.  I've worn both and have loved their performance.  Ivy just had a bit of an application issue where it runs a tad sheer and needs a few layers for a solid line.

Now if a gel liner is not your cup of tea, (or don't care to bring a brush while on vacation ;) there are certainly pencils in similar shades.  Siahi's closest counterpart in my stash is Gosh Cosmetics Let's Twist Waterproof Eye Liner in Blue Grass.  They are pretty darn close, but Blue Grass has a tad more green.  On a similar vein  of blue but varying enough in darkness and shimmer are MAC Kohl Power Eyeliner in Mystery (runs a bit more teal and is significantly darker), MAC Pearlglide Eyeliner in Undercurrent (golden shimmer and runs more green), and MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Peacocky (loads of silver glitter in this and much lighter).  Unfortunately, all are limited edition.  Both are fairly readily available through a number of online retailers. 

As for Ivy, my closest competitor was Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Graffiti.  Graffiti is not limited edition, however has quite a bit more of a golden sheen and gold glitter sprinkled in it.  I know, not every occasion is a time for glitter, but those times when one can wear green....why  not?  ;)

While the Fluidlines were my picks, I comfortably skipped out on the rest.  The remainder of the colour collection was beautiful and I truly resisted the lovely Marvel eye shadow.  Perhaps on my next trip out to the MAC store :)

The concealers weren't really meant for me.  I am an NC gal, but I don't get past an NC 42 in summer.   Truly, I don't purposely tan, so my skintone just never gets all that dark.  I guess if I were more concerned over blemishes I'd be a little more excited for the concealers. At the moment, I've been pretty happy with my samples of Prolongwear Concealer (& will be picking up a full size tube once I run out :) for my undereye darkness.  Until the next collection or some FOTD's, enjoy the pictures.  Will try to do some full on FOTD soon.  I know it's been awhile! :)

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