Monday, January 17, 2011

MAC Peacocky Kissable Lipcolor Review & Swatches

The MAC Peacocky Collection includes a beautiful array of eye shadows and lipcolour.  MAC Kissable Lipcolours are a lovely hybrid of lipstick and lipgloss.  I found that they lean towards a highly pigmented lipgloss than a lipstick.  I bought and have been wearing Flaunting It, So Vain, Super and Temper Tantra. 
  • Flaunting It is a purpley-mauve.  Touch cool, but not so much that I can't wear it.
  • So Vain is a pinky-coral.
  • Temper Tantra is a reddened-brown.
  • Super is a pinky neutral.

All four are creamy in finish, have a medium-thick texture and have a good 2-4 hours of wear time. Yes as low as two hours, but I think that's because I am more of a grazer type eater.  I eat and drink constantly through the day.  I don't have a problem with gathering into lip lines nor bleeding out. Being a hybrid of lipstick and lipgloss, I was a bit worried about bleeding out.  While I am not blown away by this formula for wear time, I do like that it is more pigmented than your typical lipgloss.  It's glossier most Satin, Amplified Creme, Amplified and Cremesheen finished lipsticks.  So if your preference is for a hint of gloss over your lipstick in a non-frost finish in only one step, these are a great option.

I know I'm enjoying the four shades I chose, which are relatively safe shades on me.  I find them fairly wearable with most of my warm looks with the exception of Flaunting It.  The shade I am wearing most is probably Temper Tantra, it suits my medium skintone and dark brown hair quite well at the moment.  Personally, I don't think I'll be picking up Peacocky, the bright tealy-blue shade and name sake of the collection.  Bit too dramatic and not my cup of tea.   I like the variety of shades in this collection overall, lots of basics in a good formula.  It's sure to find a spot in most MAC addicts stash. 

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