Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Nailpolish Queens Delight: Sephora by OPI Mega 18 Mini Nail Color Set

Perhaps you stare at the stand of Sephora by OPI nail lacquers, going man I want a ton of these, but I just can't decide which one to get. Well, here's the answer. The Sephora by OPI 18 Piece Nail Color Set is sure to satisfy a nail polish addict (or Nailpolish Queen, such as myself ;).

The set includes: A True Romantic, Techno Girl, Access 24/7, Ms. Can't Be Wrong, What A Broad, Just A Little Dangerous, Cab Fare, Caliente Coral, Special Request, High Maintenance, Sample Sale, I'm With Brad, Leaf Him At The Altar, Mermaid To Order, Opening Night, Already Famous, Dating The Drummer, and Never Enough Shoes. 

Now I do have a few of these, specifically Mermaid to Order, I'm with Brad and Never Enough Shoes.  It would've been nice to see all new shades, however that would a bit much for any cosmetic to do, when most do only 2 to 6 per season.  

I like that these are small bottles actually since I very very rarely ever go through an entire bottle of nail polish.  I've probably come to about half way on a few before finally throwing them out since they dried out.  The size also lends to portability.  I am sure to be able to pack away a few extra when going on vacation.  Or even taking 1 with me for a touch up for a big event.  

Of all the shades that catch my eye, I think I'll be using Sample Sale for the Christmas parties and Already Famous for New Years Eve.  Never Enough Shoes is an all time favorite, this one is sure to be worn this holiday season.

18 nail of the days with these babies will be coming soon.  My nails will be aching for nail strengthener come to the end of it all!

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