Sunday, November 7, 2010

MAC Tartan Tale Romancin' Dazzleglass & Courting Lilac Lipstick Review & Swatches

I was trying to be as selective as I possibly could, so just two lip products from the MAC A Tartan Tale Collection for me. MAC Romancin' Dazzleglass Creme and Courting Lilac Lipstick are a sweet pair of pinky lilac.  Thankfully both are not too blue nor too light for me.

Courting Lilac Lipstick is described as a lilac mauve with soft gold pearl in a glaze finish.  I'm pretty surprised that this is listed as a glaze finish, because it comes out far more pigmented than a typical glaze.  This darkened shade of purpley mauve with golden pearl makes for a great shade with cooler looks or paired up with neutrals for some

Romancin' Dazzleglass Creme is described as a mid-tone lavender with multi-dimensional pearl. This is such a pretty shade, its similar in shade to Sweet Bits Dazzle finished lipstick.  But the pearl on this is well refined, not chunky.  This isn't anywhere near as sticky as regular Dazzleglass or Lipglass.  On my lips, it comes off a tad sheer on its own. 

Watch out for my next Lip of the Day using these two lovelies.  :)

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