Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More MAC Venomous Villains Wicked Ways Lipglass & Briar Rose Beauty Powder Review & Swatches

One of the makeup artist at the MAC counter saw me coming. I swear she must have a tracking device on me!  As I swatched my last couple of lemmings to confirm I definitely wanted them, she approached. I guess she knows my buying pattern. ;) Pick up stuff at early launch when available and come back for lemmings. This time around I bought MAC Venomous Villains Wicked Ways Lipglass and Briar Rose Beauty Powder.

MAC Wicked Ways Lipglass is a cherry red that leans a bit blue.  It is well pigmented given that it is a lipgloss.  It has some slight shimmer to it, that is very subtle and almost unnoticeable until you look very closely. 

Briar Rose Beauty Powder is a cool toned pink with very light pearl.  I like beauty powders since they are a little lighter in texture and are less pigmented than your average blush.  For those who can be a little heavy handed with blush or are just starting out with blushes, beauty powders are definitely ones to check out.  They allow for a much softer application of blush that is much more easily attained. 

Briar Rose is quite a bit more cooler than I would normally go for, but it is a brighter shade that can accent a neutral look or balance out a stronger eye and lip look.

I think that will be it for Venomous Villains for me.  I thought about the Magically Cool Liquid Powder, but it still didn't quite draw me in to buy.  But who knows, I may just change my mind again ;)  For now, enjoy the swatches.  I will definitely be posting looks with Venomous Villains products soon. :)

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  1. Hi ... how would you compare briar rose to oh so fair? I'd like to get both but i'm quite on a budget. Which one is prettier? I do have pink swoon and nars desire already. Do you think i don't need briar rose anymore? Thanks.

  2. Hi there,
    MAC Briar Rose is quite a bit more pigmented and is more of a mauvey pink that leans cool (ie bluer). Briar Rose has a wee bit of pearl shimmer, but not as much as Oh So Fair. Oh So Fair is a neutral pink. It is not as pigmented and is quite a bit lighter than Briar Rose. They're really different when worn.

    Unfortunately I don't have Pink Swoon or NARS Desire, so I can't really compare them. Between Oh So Fair and Briar Rose, Oh So Fair is a bit more versatile since it is neutral. You could wear it with either cool, warm or neutral looks. Briar Rose is a bit more finicky, so I would be using it with cooler and neutral looks. HTH!

  3. Thank you so much Christy. I think i would just get oh so fair beauty powder since my skintone is more on the warmer side.

  4. You're welcome. Am sure you will like Oh So Fair. :)