Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MAC Black Black Chromagraphic Pencil Review & Swatches

Perhaps you're down to your last bit of MAC Feline Kohl Power and no back-ups. I know I've been there! See the second pic in this post and you'll see my tiny one inch long Feline Eye Kohl Power.  (I don't think I was being a miser, but just trying to get my money's worth ;)  What now???  No Feline left til the next release in a few months time.  There are the usual MAC suspects: Blacktrack Fluidline, Graphblack and Engraved.

But for some, something blacker is desired.  Here we have MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Black Black. ($17.50 CAD)  It's a rich intense shade of black that doesn't have any tinge of gray.  (Personally I find Graphblack and Engraved to do so, but that may differ for yourself.) 

Black Black stayed in place on my upper lashline and waterline. I didn't find it smudged or faded much.  If it did, it wasn't noticeable.  I didn't have a problem removing it either, just a bit of MAC Cleanse-Off Oil and most, if not all of it was gone.

Only down fall is that is a Pro product.  Counters and regular MAC stores will not have this available, but can be ordered by visiting your nearest MAC Pro store or calling in to place an order.  At the moment, they are shown on the MAC website under MAC + Fashion Pros' Picks, however Pro items are usually not shown on the regular site for too long. 

Overall, I think I like the Black Black Chromagraphic Pencils more.  I'm liking the intensity of the black, budge-proof and the definition achieved.  Heheh, I think I'm a convert and will give up on getting tons of back-ups at the next Feline Kohl Power Eyeliner re-release :)


  1. Your tiny pencil is so cute :) I'm going to check out the Black Black from the Pro Store, thanks for the tip. I don't have a single Black MAC eyeliner...yet!

  2. Hi fieran,
    You don't have a black MAC eye liner yet?? Definitely try out Black Black. It's one of MAC's better liners. :)