Saturday, September 18, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Superslick Liquid Eye Liner Swatches & Group Shot

I absolutely love the MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liners. My original review is posted here. The wet look, easy application and wear time were just too fabulous to not get a few more. Nocturnal, On The Hunt and Marked For Glamour made it into my reused MAC bag.

On The Hunt is straight out black, with only a tinge of bluish tones to it. I found this one to be on the watery side compared to the other MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liners. When I used it, I found I had to go over the line at least once or twice to ensure coverage.

Nocturnal is a pale silver pearl. Much like On the Hunt, it is on the watery side and required a few passes to ensure coverage. Perhaps after a few uses it will dry out a tad.

Marked For Glamour is silvered gray with silver pearl. I found this one went on opaque readily.

Yes, I adore these. I know, they aren't for everyone, but the applicator does make it much easier to do a cat eye or a slight winged out look. The result can be dramatic applied heavily or dotted along the lower lashline, it can add just that touch of color to a neutral look. I hope you've picked up a few! Since adding these 3 shades, I thought I would do a group/family shot. Ok, I'll stop gushing about how much I love these now ;)
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  1. I bought On the Hunt and I can see why people love them, but I think I'm destined to be eternally bonded to fluidlines. On the Hunt is pretty watery but once dried, they don't budge --which is quite nice!

  2. Fluidlines are lovely but then there's cleaning the brush that I use with it. So these are great to only have to wipe down the tip :)