Saturday, September 18, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Antique Green, Gold Stroke & Mauvement Pigment Review & Swatches

While I've been trying to resist my lemmings for the limited edition pigments of MAC Fabulous Felines, I thought I'd bring out some of the repromotes from my stash. I have Antique Green Pigment, Gold Stroke Pigment and Mauvement.

Antique Green is a darkened emerald green with blue undertones, black and dark green shimmer in a frost finish. It is not quite as blue as MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment.

Gold Stroke is a dark burnished gold with red and brown undertones in a frost finish.

Mauvement is a cool grayed mauve with a frost finish. It also has a bit of glitter to it that results in a slightly chunky application.

While the texture of Mauvement isn't as smooth as Antique Green or Gold Stroke, it is still workable. It works well for a subtle wash of color or blended out above the crease with a darker crease color.

Together, they make for a dramatic and colorful smoky eye. Perhaps, Mauvement in the inner third of lid, Gold Stroke in middle and outer third of lid with Antique Green in the crease and above the crease. Slap your favorite highlighter on the brow bone and you're done ;) Of course, it can be played down. I used these together, with one of my favorite pigments Blonde's Gold for a more day time friendly look. I used Blonde's Gold in the inner and middle third of lid as well as highlighter, Gold Stroke in outer third of lid, Antique Green in the crease and Mauvement above the crease.

I could go on with more combo's with these pigments. Just part of the fun with makeup and new collections. While these are repromotes, they do remind me that I should search my stash and use some old friends. :)

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