Monday, July 12, 2010

Stila Smokey Eye The Talking Palette Review & Swatches

The Stila Smokey Eye The Talking Eye Shadow Palette in Original is a quad that includes a great combination of basic colors. The eye look seemed easy enough to do and my past experience with Stila had been fairly good. This palette includes a pale champagne beige, silvery taupey gray, matte dark brown and a matte black, with each labeled for its particular use. The 4 shades are typical in what most people would use for a smokey eye look. This Stila palette is part of their 'talking' series where the palette talks you through how to do the look featured on the cover of the it.

The 'base color' is a pale champagne beige feels akin to a MAC Lustre eye shadow. It is bit glittery and frosty. It is close to Stila Kitten Eye Shadow, however isn't as good of a texture as Kitten. The base color is very pretty in the pan, but applies fairly dry and almost chalky. It is much unlike Kitten which is frostier and slightly creamier in texture.

The silvery taupey gray is the 'lid color'. It is similar to Stila Diamond Lil Eye Shadow. While it is lovely in the pan, it has similar issues as the base color does. Once again, it is fairly dry and almost chalky.

The 'crease color' is a matte dark brown. It is pretty close in depth to MAC Signed, Sealed Eye Shadow and MAC Embark Eye Shadow. This one is fairly dry in texture.

The 'liner color' is a matte black. It's pretty close to MAC Carbon Eye Shadow. Once again, dry in texture.

Texture of all four shadows was dry and a bit chalky for some. Lasting power was okay. I used them with various bases over a few days with them lasting through 10 hours. The colors were fairly true to what they were at the start of the day. Thankfully, pigmentation was not an issue. Once I got the palette on some MAC Paint, the shadows performed okay. Surprisingly, it didn't work all too well with Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten or MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. The best base I tried these on was MAC Paint in Bare Study. I also had an issue with fall out from all four shadows. Loads of frost and dark shadows everywhere!

I think this palette is a bit disappointing though, considering the quality I'm used to from Stila. (I know, I haven't reviewed or posted looks relating to them but I really like Stila Kitten and Diamond Lil Eye Shadow, along with the Stila Barbie Palette!) I am thankful I got this palette through All Cosmetics Wholesale for $16.99 USD rather than $40.00 USD at the regular price. The dry texture, muted colors, and fall out issues just don't make me want to use this palette much. For what it is, I could probably pick up similar shades that perform better for close to the regular price of this palette. For a lot less, there's always NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette or the NYX Smokey Eyes Palette. Sorry ladies, I'm not loving this palette :(

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