Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MAC Infused With Glam, Wham & Snazzy Dazzle Lipstick Review & Swatches

The MAC Digi-Pops Collection Lip Server includes the highly anticipated Dazzle Lipstick. My first look at Dazzle Lipstick can be found here where I reviewed Glaringly Hip and Sweet Bits. While these were of the paler variety, I opted to go for some darker lovelies once launched at The Bay. I picked up Infused With Glam, Wham and Snazzy Dazzle Lipstick.

 Infused With Glam is dark copper with orange and gold glitter.  If you are into MAC CB96 Lipstick or Utterly Posh Dazzleglass, this would be definitely one to look at. 

Wham is darkened burgundy with red, pink and gold glitter.  I adore this shade, much like I do MAC O lipstick. 

Snazzy is deep plum with dark purple and pink glitter.  If you liked Hipster lipstick, you'll love layering Snazzy over it and perhaps some Spanking Rich Dazzleglass.

Each one has similar pigmentation to a MAC Lustre or Glaze formula lipstick. Personally, I don't mind this since my natural lip color tends to show through. I know others really like loads of pigmentation, but sometimes certain looks will call for a less pigmented lip look. 

Unfortunately, the new Dazzle lipstick formula does tend to move around a little once you have enough lipstick coverage (just two passes for me).  The glossy yet slightly gritty texture also allows the glitter to migrate a bit more compared to the sticky Dazzleglass or Superglass.  As for wear time, these didn't last through eating, just a bit of drinking would go just fine with these.  I think this is pretty similar to what I get with a Lustre or Glaze formula as well. 

Now, it's not all bad with these!  I do love that these have a significant amount of glitter and shimmer. They kind of go beyond Dazzleglass without the glossiness and sticky texture.  Sometimes a glittery yet not too glossy lip look is desired, kind of like a matte nail polish.  The range of shades in the new Dazzle Lipstick formula is sure to entice many to try these out.  Layer them with your current shades, or even just a little in the center of the bottom lip to highlight.  While I haven't gotten a chance to take lip swatches, I will be sure to post those shortly.  Enjoy these pictures for now :)

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  1. I like the idea of these, but I can't stand the thought of walking around in public, not knowing that chunks of glitter have migrated here, there, everywhere. I've heard some good things about these, but a lot of bad things too. They're really pretty, just not sure that it's for me though!