Thursday, July 8, 2010

MAC In The Groove Togetherness, Love to Love & In The Groove Mineralize Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

As part of my MAC In The Groove haul at the MAC Pro Store, I picked up Mineralized Eye Shadows in Togetherness, Love to Love and In The Groove. While I wanted a balance of wearable color, I still wanted a few neutrals I could use at any time. Mineralize Eye Shadow Trio's are also great for travel. Nicely compact and versatile to be used either wet or dry.

Love to Love is composed of a pinky beige, shimmery amber copper and medium warm brown. With the exception of the copper shade, the rest of the trio has satin like finishes with only a hint of shimmer. This trio applies smoothly and have little to no fall out. It reminds me of last years MAC Color Craft Collection Eye Shadow Natural Flare, but with out all of the frostiness and glitter. It is also pretty close to the Spring Colour Forecast Colour 4 Quad. (Yea, I have a serious addition to neutrals ;)

In The Groove, the namesake of the collection is an easy combination of coral, shimmery dark burgundy and beige with a hint of gray. The last shade is apparently satin green, but I can't quite see any green in it myself. The burgundy is not overly unique, I am sure you are bound to count at least two MAC eye shadows that are similar. Specifically in my own collection, it looks like MAC Starflash Eye Shadow Glamour Check and The coral from this trio pairs beautifully with MAC Paint Pot Coral Crepe. I was able to find a Coral Crepe Paint Pot last week. I thought they were sold out, but it must've been meant to be since it was the last one they had. The burgundy from

Togetherness is composed of a lavender, shimmery purple and a purpley-grey. I have yet to use this in a look at this point, but from swatching I certainly say this one feels much the same as Love to Love and In The Groove. Little fall out and smooth to apply :) I'm thinking that this would be good for date nite, paired up with a pinky nude lip (perhaps Viva Glam Gaga with a lipglass to pair it down), Hang Loose Mineralize Blush and some 48 lashes? Yea, I think that will work ;)

Besides coming up with looks with the MA's, I was able to Back to MAC for these. So if you have enough containers and a MAC Store available, grab these if you can. It's such a great deal! Most of the MA's were pretty surprised that it was possible.

Overall, these mineralize eye shadows are keepers. I know I am going to use these quite readily and not worry too much about fall out as previous launches. I am pretty good about handling fall out by applying mineralize eye shadows wet and applying foundation and concealer afterwards. However, as much I like frost and glitter this decreases wear-ability. These MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows are certainly more wearable in shimmer and shine aspect. The color range is limited, however there are still a multitude of combination's possible!

In the meantime, happy swatching and hauling today :)

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  1. Hi Christy. Thanks for the swatches. You said you did back to mac for the eye shadows. I didn't realize that was possible. How many items does I need for the mineralized eye shadows?


  2. Hi Ada,
    You will still need 6 containers to back to MAC for mineralized eye shadows, but only at a MAC store, not at a MAC counter (e.g. at The Bay or Nordstroms).
    HTH :)

  3. Hi gurl, may I ask how good are these eye shadows? Im thinking about buying them but im not sure about the mineralize eye shadows. :) If you could get back to me on this, it would be great!

    Love Kirst x

  4. Hi Kirst,
    I like these eye shadows and have used them pretty regularly. In The Groove and Togetherness were the ones I've used the most. Compared to previous editions of MAC Mineralized Eye Shadows, they're much better. Having said that, they're not going to be as nice as say a Veluxe Pearl or Starflash finish. Pigmentation varies significantly, so definitely take your time to swatch them while at the store. I had tried out Cool, Calm and Collected, but I was pretty disappointed with it.
    HTH! Christy