Saturday, May 8, 2010

MAC Brown, Now Greasepaint Stick & Artifact Paint Pot Comparison Swatches

I caved. I got MAC Brown, Now Greasepaint Stick from the MAC Art Supplies collection. (Heheh, this makes for my third post about the collection. Obviously, I really liked the eye products ;) I didn't think I would want to get another burgundy base, but the creaminess and ease of use of a Greasepaint Stick just drew me in. While I have MAC Cosmetics Artifact Paint Pot, the stick format of Greasepaint Sticks is easier to use and apply.

Brown, Now Greasepaint Stick is significantly darker and browner than Artifact. Brown, Now also has less gold than Artifact does. Artifact Paint Pot is redder, however it isn't overly different to need to have both. Both are dark burgundy with gold and red shimmer.

Browsing through the MAC Cosmetics Canada and USA web sites, I no longer see Artifact as being available. It was a part of the permanent line when I picked it up last summer. If you've missed out on Brown, Now or Artifact, check your counters!
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  1. Both are really very pretty. I have neither of them though. I don't know which one to pick up! Which would you recommend?

  2. Between the two, I'd get Brown, Now. Greasepaint Sticks are just so much creamier and are more portable than Paint Pots. I find Paint Pots extremely useful, but they tend to be drying to my lids.