Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cuteness of The Tokidoki Kabuki Brush

The cutest item from my Sephora Sale Haul included this cute purple and white brush from Tokidoki. The kabuki brush has white bristles with purple tips. It comes well packaged in a clear box that is covered in Tokidoki print. The handle is short and covered in Tokidoki print on all 5 sides of the handle. Yes, 5 sides. The four sides of a square and the bottom. The bristles are wonderfully soft and fluffy. So far after only a few uses and one wash, it has yet to shed much at all.

My only complaint is that this brush is quite wide. It runs wider than my MAC 182 kabuki brush when pushed out. I typically use a kabuki brush to apply loose mineral foundation and to blend out pigmented blush. Due to its size, I found this brush didn't allow for the loose foundation to be pressed into my skin as well as with a MAC 181SE mini kabuki brush. I do find it works well for applying loose setting powder because the bristles are quite a bit longer.

I think the best part of this brush is the Tokidoki print around the handle and even on the bottom of it. It brings a smile to my face when I look at it on my makeup desk. It is truly a well made brush, no shedding :) As for value, it is regularily $36CAD or $28USD. It still runs less than a MAC 182 brush for $55CAD. I'm liking this brush and hope you do too :)

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