Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sneak Peak: MAC Sugar Overload Superglass Review & Swatches

To my delight, I was able to grab MAC Superglass in Sugar Overload on Ebay last week. Superglass is due to arrive at counters on May 6. Superglass is, "Shattered, decimated, blinded by a fantastic, intergalactic lip light! Just when you thought Dazzleglass was the best-of bright, along comes Superglass, with secret, snowflake-shaped helicone pearls sparkling in three different facets for triple the dazzle! Lips have gone big bang, explosively dimensional, a rare eclipse! Gloss feels slick and sleek on application with no draggy speed bumps, not a hint of grit. A light aroma of vanilla enhances kissability. Extreme innovation that’s a good reflection on MAC and the seductress lucky enough to strike upon it."

Sugar Overload is a white beige with golden flecks of glitter. In the permanent Dazzleglass line it is much akin to Moth to Flame Dazzleglass, a sheer neutral beige with violet pearl and (from memory since I don't have it) Bare Necessity, caramel apricot with red and gold pearl. While it isn't a unique shade, it is one that would go easily over top of most lipsticks for a whole lot of sparkle.

My first impression of Sugar Overload Superglass, was that it truly is more sparkly than Dazzleglass. In the sunlight, it was hard to capture in swatch pictures as the glitter winked at me from every angle. I was surprised that the glitter isn't thick or gritty thankfully even though the flakes appear relatively large. The formula is actually not as sticky as Dazzleglass or Lipglass. A pleasant surprise from MAC :) It was a lot like Dazzleglass Creme in stickiness. As other MAC lip products are scented with vanilla, this is much the same. This makes for a pleasant scent that can easily be noted if it turns. The packaging on these is fairly similar to the original Dazzleglass in the longer tube, however rather than round it is hexagonal. While it isn't particularly useful, it does help in photographing since the tube doesn't roll around. The applicator is a brush style, much like Dazzleglass.

However, the down fall to Superglass is that it is much like the original Dazzleglass in pigmentation. I found it lacked color and was fairly sheer. It would serve well as a gloss over top of lipstick, so I can't say it is useless.

I have to be truly honest though, Superglass actually reminds me a lot of Victoria's Secret Diamond Lip Gloss and Diamond Lip Glimmer. They're old and discontinued but actually used diamond dust in the lip gloss. I still have a few untouched tubes in my drawer. Superglass is a great substitute for it thankfully without the diamond dust.

Superglass wows me with sparkle, but I do wish that it had more pigmentation. Perhaps they'll do something similar to Dazzleglass and come out with Superglass Creme? Hey, a girl can dream ;) In the mean time, here are the swatches until the rest of the Superglass come out. :)

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  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous! I adore flakes in both lip gloss and nail polish <333

  2. Glad you like it! I know the flakes aren't for everyone, but I adore it :)