Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MAC Spring Color Forecast Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

MAC Spring Color Forecast had a gorgeous selection of eye shadows in the range of amber, pink, plum and coral. Personally, I indulged in pink, plum and amber. Coral's and orange eye shadow have never really attracted me. However plum's and amber's are always shades shades I would use. Nanogold, Rosy Outlook, Lala and Very Violet, Color 3 Quad and Color 4 Quad all made it into my MAC shopping bag.

Color 3 Quad is the plum quad and it includes Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip and Jungle Moon. Mink Pink is a veluxe finished eye shadow that behaves more like a satin finish. It is described as neutral soft pink. I find its much like Angel lipstick in shade. I found this one to be the hardest to apply. It was a bit chalky and required some digging to deposit enough color. Bruised Plum is described as a frosted mid-tone dirty mauve in a veluxe pearl finish. It is kind of like Hypnotizing or Shale, however pinker and brighter. This is my favorite shade in the quad. I would use this above the crease or over the lid, it's fairly versatile :) Black Tulip is described as a frosted dark grape in a frost finish. This one reminded me of Satellite Dreams, but with a bit of Vibrant Grape. Jungle Moon is described as a blackened deep eggplant in a matte finish. This is a dark purple with a hint of brown to it. It works well to deepen the crease or eye liner shade. Besides Mink Pink being a bit chalky, my only other complaint is that it does not have a highlighter color. Once again, besides Mink Pink, the remaining eye shadows apply evenly, smoothly and are well pigmented. While not necessary, a highlighter shade would have made the quad more travel ready.

Color 4 Quad is composed of Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick and Creole Beauty. Manila Paper is described as pale frosted white gold in a veluxe pearl finish. It's much like Femme-Fi, one of my favorite highlighters. However Manila Paper does not have the pinkish tones that Femme-Fi has. Flip is described as bronze gold in a frost finish. This makes for a great all over lid color. It is not overly bronze, making it not too orangey. Aztec Brick is described as frosted true copper in a veluxe pearl finish. It is quite orangey, this turns me off of it because it makes me think of the brassy highlights I had when I got back from Las Vegas. While not flattering, I would use it as an accent color in the outer third of the lid. Creole Beauty is described as frosted dark golden brown in a frost finish. This is a beautiful shade great for in the crease or above the crease. All shades in this quad are well pigmented, frosty and apply beautifully. It's a winner if you like the shades.

From the single eye shadows, Nanogold, Rosy Outlook, Lala and Very Violet made it into my shopping bag. Rosy Outlook is a satin finish frosted baby pink. This one reminded me exactly of Whistle from Barbie Loves MAC and a lighter version of Pen n Pink of the permanent line. I'd use this as an all over lid color or even highlighter. I found this applied more matte and a bit chalky. Nanogold is a lustre finish sheer yellow beige with pink pearl. I really liked how this shade had the pink pearl, it makes it a bit more versatile and interesting than your typical yellow beige. Surprisingly for a lustre finish, I didn't find that this had a lot of fall out issues with glitter. I found the glitter in it to be less gritty than in most lustre finish eye shadows. Lala is a frost finish mid-tone pink. This one is quite like Pink Pearl pigment, but less frosty with a slight shimmer to it. I found the texture to be a bit chalky, requiring some digging to apply. It also wasn't as pigmented as I'd expected from such a vibrant shade. Very Violet is a frost finish dark violet. It is like a darker version of Vibrant Grape. It has some pinkish purple glitter to it. I also found this one to be a bit chalky, however better pigmented.

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