Monday, January 11, 2010

MAC in Lillyland Review & Swatches

MAC in Lillyland is a gorgeous collection of playful bright pink, orange, and peaches. Unfortunately, it didn't really tickle my fancy and resulted in a pretty tiny haul. I picked up Joie-De-Vivre Cremeblend blush, Preppy Lipgelee, and Resort Life Lipgelee.

Joie-De-Vivre Cremeblend blush is a gorgeous and wearable shade of peachy coral. It runs warm and suits my skintone well. It applies smoothly and blends out well with a brush. (I use a MAC 192 Cheek/Face Brush which is discontinued. However, It's like a narrower version of the MAC 190 Foundation Brush). Alternatively, applied with fingers, it's just as easy to apply and blend. Some other cream blushes in my stash that are comparable include NARS Multiple in Orgasm, Tarte Eco-Cheek, and MAC Blossoming Blushcreme. Orgasm has lots of gold shimmer to it. Eco-Cheek runs more pink and has lots of gold shimmer. Blossoming is pretty close, however it does have some pearl shimmer to it, where Joie-De-Vivre has no shimmer. Since I don't always want shimmer, Joie-De-Vivre is a great alternative to the few cream blushes in my stash.

Preppy Lipgelee is a dazzling shade of medium blue pink with loads of pearl glitter in it. Resort Life Lipgelee is a pale pink with loads of pearl glitter in it. Both Lipgelee's are not sticky and have good pigmentation. They're pretty close to Dazzleglass in terms of pigmentation. The tube is a pretty generous size with 0.5 fl oz. While a Dazzleglass runs at 0.09 fl oz. I like these so much that I think I'll pick up Shift to Pink and Lush Bright on my next trip to the MAC counter.

Given what I got, I skipped out on quite a bit. The eye shadow was pretty cute, but didn't swatch well at all. The face powder ran far too orange for my taste. I have Bare Study and Rubenesque Paint Pot. I'll probably get Fresco Rose one day, but it's permanent so there's no rush. In addition to the Lipgelee, I will get Coconut Ice Nail Lacquer. (I'm such a sucker for new nail polish ;) Coconut Ice looks like the perfect color to brighten up a winter day.

Until the next haul, enjoy the pictures =)


  1. I wasn't going to get anything from this collection as I'm going through a major neutrals phase and wanted everything from all races. Then I got around to seeing all races and I ended up not loving it. I got Lush and Bright, but now I'm thinking a couple of creme blushes wouldn't be such a bad idea - typical! :)

  2. I thought I'd like All Races as well, but I only liked a few items. Pics coming btw ;) The Lillyland creme blushes are pretty gorgeous. They're definitely worth picking up.

  3. The cream blush looks gorgeous! I saw this in the store and thought it looked scary haha.

  4. The creamblend blushes are actually really nice. You can use them lightly for a sheer wash of color, or build it up or layer them with a powder blush for more intense color. :)