Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MAC Love Lace Review & Swatches

I hope that everyone has had a Merry Christmas and gotten a chance to pick up some of the MAC Love Lace Collection. It was released at the same time as MAC Warm & Cozy and is small in comparison with shades that are mostly frosty and lean cool.

I picked up Light Affair Nail Lacquer, Raven Kohl Power Eye Liner, Pincurl Eye Shadow, Suave Intentions Eye Shadow and Love Lace Eye Shadow.

Light Affair Nail Lacquer is a pale lilac-gray. It has some similarities to Cool Reserve from the Nail Trend Fall/Winter 2009. However, it is significantly lighter. For swatches, I used 3 coats with OPI Start to Finish Base & Top Coat. Application is a bit streaky on this, so I would use a top coat to ensure that it is smooth.

Ravel Kohl Power Eye Liner is a dramatic red with black. Of the many liners I have in my jar, I can't seem to find one that it is close to it ;)

Pincurl Eye Shadow is a light gray almost white with pink opalescent shimmer. It's nearly the same as MAC Vex Eye Shadow. It's so much the same thing that I'm just about ready to bring it back, but I've just about hit pan on my old pot of Vex.

Suave Intentions Eye Shadow is a light blue with pearl shimmer. It is one of the nicest Veluxe Pearl finish eye shadows I have. It's almost creamy on application. The closest dupes are Fashion Eye Shadow and Silverthorn Eye Shadow. Silverthorn has a golden cast to it, is lighter than Suave Intentions and will go more gray quite readily depending on what you put next to it. Fashion Eye Shadow is lighter than Suave Intentions and has more shimmer to it.

Love Lace Eye Shadow is grayed over blue with pearl shimmer. Once again, it is a Veluxe Pearl finish eye shadow with a great texture. I don't own a lot of blues and am a bit hard pressed to find a dupe of this. Up against Tilt, Star by Night, Deep Truth and Deep Shade, I find it is closest to Tilt. However Tilt does have a golden shimmer to it and is a brighter shade of blue.

I have Hypnotize since I got the Sorceress Eye Shadow Kit from the Holiday Collection. Some close MAC shades are Circa Plum Pigment, Mauvement Pigment and Fashion Groupie Eye Shadow. However these 3 are actually closer dupes of each other than they are dupes of Hypnotize. Hypnotize is grayer and more subdued than these, but do check out the pictures so that you can judge it for yourself.

Besides Hypnotize, I also have the 44 Lashes, a white eyeliner from NYX, Zoomlash Mascara, and other products for doing my eye brows. So no need to buy extras at the moment. ;) As pretty as the lipsticks were, I chose not to get the lipsticks as I found them too sheer for my liking. I also found that they were too light and too blue of a pink for me to pull off. I may go back and get Sense of Style Kohl Power Eye Liner, Icescape Lipglass and Utterly Discrete Lipglass, but I'll have to wait and see how I feel about them in a week or so.

Until the next collection, enjoy the swatches and comparison pics! :)


  1. just found your blog and i loooove it§ Great haul, great swatch!!!

  2. I agree that Pincurl and Vex are very close. Pincurl is pretty but at the store I suspected that they were almost the same colour and I was too lazy to go find Vex at the store to compare swatches. So I am glad I didn't pick it up.

  3. @sindylicious: Thanks! Hauling is fun :)

    @amy: To be honest, I kinda like Vex more. However, I'm just about at pan on it, so I'll hold on to Pincurl. As well, The texture for Vex is better, thus making it easier to work with.