Sunday, December 13, 2009

MAC Haul's From Weeks Gone By

I've been a tad absent on hauls and such lately. Things happen, so now is the time to catch up. In my MAC hauling, I've gotten Blonde's Gold pigment, $$$$$ Yes Nail Polish, Artifact Paint Pot and the coveted Sharkskin Shadestick.

Yes, I found Sharkskin. The counter manager mentioned that they were out of stock for the last year, so I was pleasantly surprised to see they had it on display. Of course I did some comparison swatches to see if there was anything close. The closest item in my stash was MAC Paint Pot in Blackground. Both are black with some shimmer. Blackground has grey multi-colored shimmer and Sharkskin has frosty grey shimmer.

MAC Artifact Paint Pot is another beauty I had to have. I had gotten a sample a few months back that I really enjoyed. It's beautiful layered with similar dark burgundy colors, such as Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow in Dusk, MAC Eye Shadow in Sketch, Glamour Check! and Beauty Marked, or even Too Faced Full Frontal.

Blonde's Gold pigment is just another MAC Pro pigment that I had major lemmings on for months. They were out of stock at the Pro store since late August, then they finally got it in mid-November. Blonde's Gold is a beautiful frosted champagne. I love it! To some it may be just another frosted champagne pigment, but it runs a little paler and less pink than some. Of course I swatched it against some other frosted champagne and gold pigments. Against Annabelle Gold Fizz, Gold Fizz is quite obviously gold. MAC Jardin Aires is quite similar, but has some peachy-pink to it. NYX Mink Pearl is really close, but a bit darker. MAC Gold Mode is another close pigment that has a bit of pink to it.

Lastly, I got $$$$$ Yes from the MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! Collection. I adore the mirror like finish of this nail polish and I'm happy to use this with a good ridge filling nail polish base. Without a base, this polish has no mercy and will expose any flaw. The work involved to get this to look fabulous is definitely worth it =)

There goes my MAC haul. All items well worth it and being loved in my stash. =) Enjoy the pics and let me know your recent MAC hauls ;)

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