Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LA Colors Green Satin: A Bargain Hunter's Answer to Chanel Jade Nail Lacquer

While perusing through the aisles of my local dollar store, I came across the stand of LA Colors Nail Polish. The lovely shade of Green Satin stood out to me most. With my lemmings for Chanel Jade Nail Lacquer, Green Satin seemed like a possible dupe for those on a budget.

Green Satin is a pastel minty green with pearl laced through it. Application is no fun. It's actually a bit streaky and sheer. Allow plenty of drying time, otherwise you will surely get a smudging. For swatches, I used a whopping 4 coats with OPI Start To Finish Base & Top Coat. At that, it is not completely opaque, there is some sheerness to it.

The good? It's a great price and the color is beautiful. While the formula isn't amazing, I think I'll just make sure I have the time and patience to apply it.

While I only paid $1 CAD plus tax, on the web you may want to check out here to pick up your own bottle.


  1. I'm surprised that you said this color is streaky .. I have a bunch of LA Colors polishes and I LOVE them. The formulas I have are all easy to apply and the colors are gorgeous. I was impressed with them considering the price. Maybe yours was streaky because it's such a light color? I know that most of the time, I have a hard time with ANY light color. Or maybe it was meant to be a top coat? I dunno .. anyway, it's a gorgeous color. I've heard that Milani Dressmaker is a dead-on dupe for Chanel Jade too, if you wanted to try a different one. :)

  2. Hi kellie,
    Yea I found this one pretty streaky. I don't know, maybe it was just an old bottle? Perhaps you've picked out fresher bottles? The streakiness on this one were a bit much for me.