Monday, November 9, 2009

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Review & Swatches

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eyeshadows are little pots of baked eye shadow with an impressive amount of pigmentation and versatililty. According to Victoria's Secret, they are " A rich kick of color for eyes! Soft pearl shadow delivers buildable color with subtle shimmer. For added intensity, apply with a wet brush... "

A little while ago, I bought 5 of these eye shadows at a La Senza in my area. They were on sale for 5 for $10 CAD, rather than the usual 5 for $20 CAD, or $7 CAD each . At the same location, they had the Beauty Rush body drink lotions, glimmer swirl cream, body double mist for 4 for $20 as well. Of course I got some of those too. ;)

I bought Gold Rush, Bronzinger, Plum Crazy, Violet Femme and Flower Girl.

  • Gold Rush is a pale light gold with gold shimmer
  • Bronzinger is a dark brown with gold and bronze shimmer
  • Plum Crazy is a dark purple with purple and pink shimmer
  • Violet Femme is a light purple with silver shimmer and silver glitter
  • Flower Girl is light pink that's a bit lilac with silver shimmer
Out of all the colors, Plum Crazy jumped out at me first. It reminds me of Push the Edge from MAC's Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection. Violet Femme impressed me the least with silver glitter fallout. It wasn't terrible to the point where I'd never use it, but I would do my under eye concealer after cleaning up the fallout. Flower Girl surprised me with how pretty it was. I thought it would be too cool for me the way most pinks are, but used together with Violet Femme and Plum Crazy made a beautiful eye combo. (Yes, a FOTD is coming up shortly. Thankfully done prior to getting sick :) Gold Rush & Bronzinger also made a slightly shimmery and chic neutral eye.

I tried wearing these without a base and found they weren't so hot and didn't last long. (I tried it out for 4-5 hours over lunch and some shopping.) However over trusty MAC Painterly Paint Pot and Urban Decay Primer Potion, they came alive! ^-^ The shimmer and pigmentation lasted all through an 8 hour work day and then some until I used some eye makeup remover to take it off. As well, I really like that these shadows can be layered, allowing for easier blending and control of pigmentation.

Did I mention these are a steal? They're definitely worth a shot if you're able to get them on the 5 for $10 sale. At the 5 for $20 pricing, it's not bad either. My only complaint is that not every location has all of the colors available and most locations do not have testers for these. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow's are available at La Senza locations across Canada and Victoria's Secret in the USA (however pricing in the USA may differ from La Senza).
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  1. they're very pretty esp. the pinks and the purples :) Love them all :)

  2. Glad you love them. VS has some pretty good makeup finds :)