Friday, November 20, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M Launch

Sigh, what a day of shopping I had last Saturday! I vowed to get my shoeaholic butt in to H&M for the Jimmy Choo launch and so did many many other girls. From chatting with several other girls, I found out that some had even camped out the day before or arrived bright and early the morning of. Seriously, I wanted some Jimmy Choo's, but I wasn't about to camp out in downtown when it was 0 degrees Celsius outside.

I arrived at a sensible 9:30am. Unfortunately, I was no where near the first 160 to receive a bracelet to shop the collection before the general public. I waited, waited and waited. I wasn't going to get in to the special shopping area until much later. So, In the mean time I was able to pick up a few Jimmy Choo for H&M men's items for my BF. I got him a classic black leather belt, white dress shirt and leather wallet. They also had suits for $249 CAD, basic white t-shirts, shoes and classic v-neck sweaters. These pieces were classic and didn't really make me think trendy. I don't think this would be a problem, but will make the pieces easier to mix with any mans wardrobe.

I waited around the change rooms prior to waiting for the shoe line. I was able to score a black faux furry vest and black leggings. The leggings were pricey for leggings at $59.95 CAD, however they are thick and stretchy. Just what I need for winter! The furry vest is cropped and will be great for layering. I'm thinking of using it layered over my Forever 21 faux leather blazer, a tunic top and the black leggings.

Finally around 2 pm and waiting around the changing rooms for others offloads, I got to peruse the shoes with a H&M shopper who gathered my haul. All that was left for shoes was the sequin and beaded boots and size 9's for the heels. However, after a quick scan, I spotted 2 lonely pairs of size 37's. They were black platform studded sandals and fit perfectly. They weren't the style I was after. I had wanted the cage sandals in black or blue or the over the knee boots. They were long gone, but the platform Jimmy Choo's are mine. ;)

Items I would have liked to get were the zebra clutch, studded leather purse, black leather cross body bag and a few of the clothing items. I had my eyes on the black leather dress, sequin tunic top and a black studded handbag. Sadly, not for me. Gone with those who hauled 5 bags of goodies. I wished they would've shared!

At the end of the day, there were still some items left. The pink clutch, lots of chain bracelets, chain necklaces and mesh earrings were still available, along with a few blue suede dresses. Personally, a lot of things that I wasn't feeling.

So my friends, I hope you got a chance to get in on Jimmy Choo for H&M! In any case, enjoy the pictures :)

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  1. I wish I could have made it to the sale that day. I would love a furry vest for myself.