Saturday, October 31, 2009

Urban Decay Hall Of Fame Review

The Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set is another must get for this holiday season, especially if you love the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion. This set includes an XL size version of Primer Potion, Midnight Cowboy Lipstick, Timothy Pocket Rocket Lipgloss, Skyscraper Multi-Benefit mascara and Zero 24/7 eye liner. With the exception of the Primer Potion, all other items are mini trial size versions of the originals. The set retails for $35.00 CAD ($29 USD) .

I have to admit the main reason I got this set was for the XL Primer Potion. It has 16.3 mL 0.55 oz. The regular size version is 10 mL 0.34 oz and retails for $22.00 CAD ($17.00USD). I am nowhere near finishing my regular size version but I couldn't pass this deal up. There are a few things that I don't like about Primer Potion. For one, it can be drying to my eyelids. I often find myself putting extra eye cream on my lids at night, where I've previously had relatively oily lids. Secondly, they can be a bit messy when they get on your lashes. Lastly, the applicator is on the large size, thus allowing for the Primer Potion to get on my lashes. With that being said, it still does the job. It prevents creasing and increases staying power. I love it and I know I'll be using this lots. ;)

Midnight Cowboy lipstick is included in a mini trial size. It is a nude pinky champagne with silver pearl. I find that the silver pearl to be too glittery for my taste. It applies sheerly, similar to most MAC Lustre formula lipsticks. It doesn't build up to full coverage, but can built up to medium coverage. I think this would actually be better over top of another lipstick rather than solely on its own.

The Zero 24/7 eye liner is great. It's blacker than NYX black eye liner, but not as dark as MAC Feline. It's a nice size that's great for throwing into your makeup bag.

Timothy Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss is a pretty cherry red with red pearl. This has a light almond scent. I like this one a lot and I may get the regular version once I'm out. This applies sheer, but builds up easily. It doesn't get to tube color, but it is still well pigmented for a lip gloss.

Skyscraper Multi-Benefit mascara is a true black mascara, not the darkest but at least not greyish. The brush head is long, however the bristles on it are short. I tried this for a few days and I found that this mascara does hold curl really well. The bad thing is that it does tend to smudge after a few hours. However, it did lengthen my lashes by a bit, it did give a bit of volume and it didn't get overly clumpy. It's not dramatic, but it's pretty decent. My favorite part is that it held the curl I got from my eyelash curler really well. I often find with most mascara's that I have to recurl with a heated eyelash curler and I have to comb them out. I didn't have to do both so it's a time saver for me =) Pictures are done after over 12 hours of wear. Still holding curl, but a bit of flaking. I like this and I may re-buy sometime down the road.

The Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set is a great package of fabulous products from Urban Decay. Especially if you love Urban Decay Primer Potion! ;) Enjoy the swatches. =)

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