Thursday, October 1, 2009

MAC Lollipop Loving Dupes & Swatches

After playing with all my nudes, I had to swatch away with some of my frosty pinks. My gorgeous limited edition MAC Lollipop Loving, oh how I love thee! I just wanted to share some close dupes and comparable lipsticks.

A good friend of mine was raving over MAC Pink Cabana being a close dupe, another rare and hard to find lipstick. So I was happy to see it on Ebay one day, so of course I snagged it. It is very close, but a hint darker and has a hint more coral. I've only used this once due to how close it was to Lollipop Loving (LL) .

As for items that are permanently available, I have two NYX lipsticks that lie pretty close in shade, frostiness and golden flecks. The first is NYX Sparkling Apricot, which is slightly more coral than LL. The second is NYX Sparkling Salmon, which is a bit pinker than LL. These are chockful of golden flecks, are nice and creamy, and apply oh so beautifully. :) No need to add extra lipgloss with these! I love them and use them lots, sometimes more than LL due to the glossiness for this formula.

NYX Diamond Sparkle lipsticks are available through Save-On Foods and Pharmasave, plus a few other drugstores here in Canada. But I get mine online of course, either through Cherry Culture or Ebay. Cherry Culture does tend to have a lot of sales and shipping isn't too expensive. Hope that helps anyone looking for something similar! Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)

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