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MAC Holiday 2009 Sorceress & Smoke & Mirrors Eye Shadow Palettes Review & Swatches

Above: MAC Holiday 2009 Sorceress & Smoke & Mirrors Eye Shadow Palettes

When I saw these gorgeous palettes at the store yesterday, I wanted to rip them out of the display and take them home. But a little voice told me, "No, wait just one day. It will be just fine. Be patient honey!" ;) I listened and picked it up along with a few items from the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection today. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to pick up the Mineralize sets yet since they're only at the free standing stores. I will probably get those tomorrow.

Of the palettes, I picked up the Sorceress and Smokey palettes. Both palettes have 6 eye shadows each. Out of all of them, I can't really say there's a bad one in the bunch when I swatched them. They seemed fairly well pigmented compared to previous holiday palettes. I do really like the packaging of these compared to last year's palettes. These have the dots on the top that don't stick out like last year's jewels. The jewels were very pretty, but can be a bit of a pain for storing. The relatively flat top of these makes for easier storage. As well, the brush that comes with the palette doesn't roll around as much due its deeper well. The 213SE brush that is included is tiny. It is just slightly shorter than the width of the palette, roughly 2 inches in length. I've tried using them with previous palettes and didn't like using it. I would prefer to use my regular brushes or even the travel size brushes instead.

Below: MAC Sorceress Eye Shadow Palette

Sorceress has White Rabbit, Hold My Gaze, Edge of Dark, Magnetized, Hypnotizing and Altered State. White Rabbit is a Frost finish and is a slightly cool frosty white. This isn't too frosty where I would be afraid to use it as a highlighter though. Hold My Gaze is a cool slightly frosty grey and is a Satin finish. This one immediately had me thinking of Smoke & Diamonds from Starflash and Love That Look. It's close, but Smoke & Diamonds has a bit more of a bling to it. Edge of Dark is a Lustre formula, but it is so dark that its hard to tell that it is. It is a dark charcoal grey with silver glitter. This didn't have the feel like the glitter was overly chunky, but I'll have to try it out in a look to see if this will hold true.

Magnetized is a light lavender shade with a bit of light pink pearl to it. It is a Veluxe Pearl finish and swatched much like a typical Veluxe Pearl. On me, it looks like my swatch is a bit grey, but I think it may have been the light. It is more lavender in real life. Hypnotizing is a medium shade of slightly cool mauve with a Frost finish. It had me think of Fashion Groupie from Love That Look, but I realized they were quite different. Altered State is a Veluxe Pearl and a beautiful deep shade of purple. It made me of think of Push the Edge pigment, but not as bright. I've included swatches of Push the Edge versus Altered State. As well as a swatch of Smoke & Diamonds eye shadow to Hold My Gaze.

I like that this palette includes a few possible lid colors, crease colors and above crease colors. I would probably have to mix a few shades to get an appropriate highlight or brow bone color though. Others may be happy to use White Rabbit or Magnetized, it would have to be your personal preference.

Below: MAC Sorceress Palette Swatches


Below: Smoke & Diamonds and Hold My Gaze Swatches

Below: Fashion Groupie Eye Shadow, Push the Edge Pigment and Altered State Eye Shadow

The Smoke & Mirrors palette is this years take on a smokey eye. I picked up last years version and used it a lot. This years doesn't have any repromotes or permanents which makes me even happier. This palette includes Fire in Her Eyes, Wide-Eyed Wonder, Black Magique, Spell No. 9, Deception and Smoke & Mirrors. Fire in Her Eyes is a Frost finish and is a nice pinky nude. It's a lot like Blanc Type with frost. Wide Eyed Wonder is a grey taupe shade in a Frost finish. Black Magique is a deep dark brown, almost black in a Velvet finish. Spell No. 9 is a slightly darker pinky nude in a Satin finish. Deception is a Frost finished glittery pink brown, that is kinda like Satin Taupe. This one didn't swatch as well as the others. I did try it over a Gosh Waterproof Eye Shadow as a base and it went from bleh to bing! =) I was very happy about that. Smoke and Mirrors is a typical dark espresso brown and is a Satin finish. It is a lot like Espresso but with a slight silver frost. Both Fire in Her Eyes and Spell No. 9 would probably make good highlighter colors and possibly lid colors. Wide-Eyed Wonder and Deception would make good lid colors. Black Magique and Smoke & Mirrors would make great crease colors.

Below: MAC Smoke & Mirrors Eye Shadow Palette

Below: MAC Smoke & Mirrors Eye Shadow Swatches

As for value, at $43.50 CAD for 5.3 grams or 0.19US OZ, that's the equivalent of almost 4 standard size MAC eye shadows. Standard size MAC eye shadows have 0.05US OZ or 1.5 grams. At $13 CAD each for the eye shadows in Pro-Palette Refill Pans, that would cost $52. If you were getting them in the regular pots, that would be $70 for the same amount of product. So looking at both packaging methods, it's a pretty good price for MAC eye shadows.

If you are interested in some basics or are in need of palettes good for travel, these would be ones to look into. I would bring along a good set of travel brushes or standard brushes though. Each palette is well-rounded and could be used on their own or combined with other eye shadows. Between the two, I think I like the Sorceress Palette more because of the purples and it still has your basics for a smokey eye. But I'm sure I'll be using the Smoke & Mirrors Palette a lot too, since its so handy to pick up and go. Did anyone else pick up a palette or two?
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