Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Look: Lovely Lily, Mutiny, Platinum & Deep Blue Green Butterfly

With Halloween soon approaching, I had to come up with something fun. I do love costumes, but they can get expensive. Here comes makeup to the rescue. =) One of my favorite animals has always been the butterfly. They come in amazing color combinations that have always touched me. I would recommend having a few shading brushes in various sizes to get to the smaller corners and complete the detailing.

I used the following:
For the butterfly & eyes:
MAC Gloss Creme Brilliance
MAC pigment, Lovely Lily
MAC pigment, Mutiny
MAC pigment, Deep Blue Green
MAC pigment, Platinum
Faces Loose Powder, 21 ( very similar to MAC Talent Pool eyeshadow)
NYX eyepencil, 906 white
Benefit She-Laq
MAC Lashes, 44
Duo lash glue
MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Mystery
Gosh Let's Eye Liner, 100 Blue Grass
MAC Zoomlash mascara, Zoomblack
MAC fluidline, Blacktrack
MAC Fix+

MAC Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50
MAC Hyper Real Foundation in Violet FX ( MAC Strobe Cream works well too)
MAC Select SPF 15 foundation, NC 40
MAC Select Loose Powder, NC30

NYX 835 Pinky lipliner
MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass
MAC Trimming Talk lipstick (very similar to MAC Girl About Town)
MAC pigment, Mutiny

Apply MAC Prep & Prime Face all over. Apply MAC Hyper Real Foundation all over. Set brows using MAC Gloss Creme Brilliance and MAC 204 brush. Using the NYX white eye pencil, draw out the outline of a butterfly. This will serve as a guide to fill in with your pigments or shadows. The top wing of the butterfly should be just above the eyebrows and the bottom edge of the butterfly wing should follow your smile lines. Take care to be as symmetrical as possible. (Mine wasn't very symmetrical, but do try!)

Outline the center of the butterfly along the nose using Blue Grass eyeliner. Using a MAC 239 brush wet with MAC Fix+, apply Lovely Lily over eyebrows, sides of nose, along brow bone, under the eyes and along the bottom edge of the bottom wing. Using a MAC 239 brush wet with Fix+, apply Mutiny to inner corner, Faces 21 to middle of lid, and Deep Blue Green to outer corner of eye. Blend Deep Blue Green up into crease and above crease using MAC 226 brush. With a small shader brush, apply Mutiny along inner third of lower lashline, Faces 21 along middle third of lower lashline and Deep Blue Green along outer third of lower lashline.

Apply Deep Blue Green using MAC 239 brush wet to center of butterfly. For bottom wings, apply pigments in same order as for lids using MAC 239 brush. Start to the side of the nose and work your way out. Blend between shades. Fill in all remaining parts of the butterfly with Lovely Lily, just like you would with a coloring book and don't go past your white line. ;)

Apply foundation to remaining sections of skin that are not covered in pigment. Set with loose powder.

Outline butterfly with MAC Platinum pigment and MAC 209 brush dabbed in Benefit She-Laq. Make sure that it is not clumpy when applied. Re-outline center of butterfly using Blue Grass. Tightline and line upper lashline with MAC 212 brush and Blacktrack. Line waterline with Mystery eyeliner. Curl lashes, apply mascara. Apply false eyelashes.

Line lips with NYX Pinky lipliner. Apply MAC Triming Talk lipstick. Dab a small amount of MAC Mutiny pigment to center of lip. Top with Funtabulous Dazzleglass.

Looking back, I would probably top the outline of the butterfly with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Liquid Glitter Eyeliner in Platinumania. I would also add rhinestones as accents to the inner corner, tips of the wings and possibly down the center of the butterfly. I also adore the MAC 44 lashes! They are so flirty. :) To make the shadow application easier, I think I would use MAC Painterly Paint Pot or MAC Bare Canvas paint. As an alternative lip look, I was considering applying Mutiny all over the lips mixed with MAC clear gloss. Perhaps for Halloween itself. ;)

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