Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forever 21 Grand Opening Haul

The highlight of my weekend before getting sick was the grand opening of Forever 21. As I my previous post, I happened to go to Metrotown the day before the official opening. While on my way to the grocery store, I saw many many bright yellow Forever 21 bags. Yea! Another surprise opening this week! Heading over to the store, I saw before me the store wide open and very busy with customers galore. Within an hour I picked up a couple of floral rings, a black drapey cardigan, 3 pack of black tights and a navy blue drapey beaded tank top. one of the floral rings reminded me of the Juicy Couture garden party ring I had craved early this year. I had told myself to back away from it due to the $80 price tag. I did and have found my dupe for less than $7. ^o^ The bargains didn't stop there though. The tights were an amazing deal at only $5.50 for 3 pairs. Bonus is that they are relatively opaque and fit well for me. They are a one size fits all, but I think girls taller than 5'2" may find some trouble with these. Unlike pants and leggings that tend to run long at Forever 21, these run a bit small.

Above: My Emy cousin in front of the brand new store

The following day was the grand opening. Doors were set to open at 10 am with gift cards for the first 100 customers and 10% off coupons were being handed out. I was hoping that by arriving at 9 am, I'd be close to the front of the line for a gift card. No chance, the line was all the way down the hall way to the outside of the mall entrance. I waited around with my cousin and a friend for awhile and we shopped around at a few other stores.

Above: Forever 21 Drapey Black Cardigan with Drapey Beaded Tank Top

At around 11 am, we went to the line up and got in within 10 minutes. We were pleased with the turn around with the presence of security to control the crowds. However we were disappointed when soon after, an influx of people came into the store. Security had left and was no longer enforcing a line for entry and thus crowd inside the store swelled.

This proved very difficult to move around the store, I was constantly bumping into others. One girl kinda stabbed me with her hanger as she tried to move through. After looking at the changing room line, I vetoed several pairs of jeans in my pile once I realized the lineup may take an hour or more. With only a jacket, top, jewelled bobby pins and a grey cardigan in hand, I waited in line for 3 hours to pay for my purchase. Although happy for the 10% off, it was still the most unbelievable experience I've ever had at Forever 21. I've been to many locations and had never had that busy of a store. It was just as busy as Boxing Day (for all the Canadians) or Black Friday (for all the Americans). At one point, I left my items with my friend to go pick up a drink so we wouldn't get hypoglycemic. We were ready to pass out! Sigh, the things we do for fashion. ;)

Below: Delicious & Glamorous Forever 21 Rings

Beyond the line ups, I am very pleased with my purchases. I was able to pick up a faux leather fitted black blazer for less than $50. Touching it doesn't feel like the stiff PVC of old, it was surprisingly soft. I plan on matching this with a pair of grey straight leg jeans, the navy blue drapey beaded tank top that I just picked up and my Jessica Simpson pewter ankle booties. For accesories, I have a faux leather black motorcycle bag in my closet begging to come out and party. The look is more edgy and a little punk. It's not my usual cup of tea, but I think I can make this work. My second outfit I had in mind while checking it out would be pairing this with liquid leggings, my new over the knee Zara boots and the drapey beaded tank top. I would even consider wearing this over a black chiffon strapless dress with an assymetric hemline and gladiator platform heels. Oh the outfits that this jacket are going to go with. =)

Above: Forever 21 Black Faux Leather Blazer

Above: Forever 21 Drapey Beaded Tank Top

Above: Forever 21 Beaded Top

Above: Forever 21 Short Sleeve Slub Cardigan

The grey cardigan is going to work beautifully with just about everything casual and layer up for coziness. The color is great to go with everything. I love using grey as a neutral more so than black. I feel its softer to the eye than black, as black can tend to be to harsh. Black does have its place in my heart with the drapey black cardigan I picked up. I would wear this over cami's or tank tops. It's soft texture and drape lend a romantic feel to it. it also includes a pin to close up the front of the cardigan. The beaded cap sleeve top I picked up will go nicely with a pair of black liquid leggings, gladiator heels and the black PVC blazer. Sigh, I'm just coming up with more and more combos in my wardrobe with these goodies ;) The newbies to my closet are going to be happily worn. I can't wait to wear these =)

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