Monday, October 26, 2009

Comparison: MAC Playboy Bunny Pink, Lovelorn & Angel Lipstick Swatches

In my quest to find a dupe for MAC Playboy Bunny Pink, I present another post with some possibilities. My previous post is here. Bunny Pink is a lustre formula and is a clean mid-tone pink. I find it a tiny bit cool with a bit of blue to it. I find that since it is a lustre, I really have to layer it to get near the tube color.

For comparison, I've been searching high and low. Bunny Pink is discontinued and 6 years old. (I know, I really shouldn't be using it. The packaging is just so cute!)

I've heard mentions of it being close to Angel and Lovelorn in the permanent MAC Collection. Angel is soft pink in a frost finish. Lovelorn is mid-tone blue pink and a lustre finish. I also got tubes of Pink Plaid, Creme de la Femme and Snob. These 3 run more mauve, so I didn't swatch them next to Bunny Pink.

Angel compared to Bunny Pink has little to no blue in it. It doesn't really lean yellow either. Angel isn't darker or lighter than Bunny Pink. Lovelorn is noticeably darker and bluer than Bunny Pink.

For comparison purposes, I did lip swatches of all 3 lipsticks. All pictures were taken with auto-white balance, macro mode and natural lighting. Lip swatches were done with a light coat of foundation over lips. I used MAC Select SPF 15 foundation in NC40. I've also included a picture of my lips bare so you can see the difference.

Of the 3 lipsticks, I gotta say I prefer Angel. Angel isn't as blue as Lovelorn or Bunny Pink. It makes it slightly more wearable and more versatile on my warm skin tone. Others may prefer Lovelorn because it has more blue.

As I've previously mentioned, I usually top Bunny Pink with a little bit of lip gloss to take away some of the coolness. Since Angel and Lovelorn are permanent, I think we can all be Playboy Bunny's for a day without going crazy on Ebay. =)


  1. Mmm Bunny Pink looks really similar to Angel lipsick. Or maybe Angel + Bombshell combined?..

  2. That sounds like a fabulous idea. I'll do lip swatches and post comparison pictures soon.

  3. I ordered lovelorn and am waiting for it to come in... i hope its what i expected!

  4. try dollhouse pink by zuzu luxe