Monday, September 28, 2009

Zara Boots, MAC & the $ store

So today was an interesting day at the mall. I wandered over to the MAC counter at the Bay and low and behold was the beautiful Dsquared 2 Collection. I do enjoy early releases and an empty MAC counter with my fave MA Julie. I picked up the Greasepaint sticks in V and B, Feline Kohl Power Eyeliner, Blood Red lipstick, the 165 brush and Accentuate/Sculpt Sculpt & Shape Powder. My favorite item from this collection was Feline. It's such a gorgeous dark shade of black. It's not greyish or silverish like other black liners can be. Everyone should get one, but remember to use this with a light hand to prevent over smudging. You can always apply more to darken. My MA was wonderful today, she even invited me to a seminar on Saturday at the counter on how to easily change your daytime looks to evening.

Next up was thigh high boots. I was craving something like the Report Signature Kane Boots that Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing on her way home from NYFW. At the moment though, I was not interested in paying $475 USD plus shipping and tax to get them. A few weeks ago though, there was a pair at Zara's in gray or black. I headed over to Zara's and found them in my size in gray, no black. However, after having a sales associate look through the back, she found me a pair in black. At only $179 CAD, I grabbed them and didn't look back. =)

They are a stunning pair going to the knee with a fold over cuff that can be pulled upwards making them almost thigh high. They have an almond toe with a 3 inch heel. The almond toe is much like the pointy toe, but more subtle sexy for everyday. Kim's gorgeous boots run at 5 inches in heel height, where these babies are only 3 inches. Practical, yet still very gorgeous. Zara's shoes are fantastic. They're affordable, well made and fit the trends.

My last stop was the $ store where I found some glass vases for my growing brush collection. I got 3 that were 4 inches tall and 2 that were slightly shorter.

Pics of everything to follow! The weather is so crummy at the moment that any lighting I have would not be flattering for anything I'd take pictures of.

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