Monday, October 22, 2012

Loose Button Fall 2012 Luxe Box

Loose Button recently changed their Luxe Box design to showcase more full size products than several sample size products.  This time around for fall, I received two full items, four samples and a few nice to have beauty items.

It arrived all packaged up in a beautiful heavy duty ivory paper box with golden embossing.  The products were then wrapped up in a white handkerchief with a luxurious feeling notecard, once again with the golden embossing and a gold sticker with my first name initial on it.   On heavy paper, much like what you would see for a wedding invitation was printed all of the contents.  I received full size products of Marcelle BB Beauty Balm Cream in medium dark and China Glaze On Safari Nail Lacquer. I received sample sizes of Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector (several sample packets actually),  Benefit Stay Don't Stray, Prada Amber Pour Homme and KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry.  Also included was an exfoliating pad.

Unfortunately, as nice as the products were packaged, I only liked the nail lacquer and mens cologne.  I really wanted to like the Marcelle Beauty Balm Cream, but it resulted in breakouts that I am still battling.  I used it for a full week and soon after had acne in areas that I haven't had acne in years.  The Benefit Stay Don't Stray was decent, although I find it to be a bit too liquidy to use compared to Urban Decay Primer Potion or Mary Kay Eye Shadow Primer.  It functions just as well as the rest, however I would rather use what I am used to. The Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector is still a toss up since its so hard to tell if spots are fading in just a month of use.  The KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry didn't appeal to me.  My hair is so long and thick, it always takes a long time to blow dry!  I didn't think it added much to my hair in product, but it didn't seem to do much for it either.

What I did like was the China Glaze On Safari Nail Lacquer is a chic shade of deep plum. It is definitely a shade I will be wearing for fall.  The Prada Amber Pour Homme cologne is a sophisticated masculine scent that I know my boyfriend will use.  It starts off slightly soapy but dries down to more amber.

The handkerchief and exfoliating pad are nice touches to the box.  I use the handkerchief draped over my brushes to help keep any dust away.  The exfoliating pad is useful of course.  Great for heels, knees and elbows!

While I like some of the changes (packaging and some full size items), I think sample sizes are beneficial to those who tend to have allergies and breakouts.  (Myself included!)  Oh well, I hope the next one will be better :)


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MAC Cosmetics & Marilyn Monroe Collection Review & Swatches

I haven't gone into an absolute craze over a MAC collection for quite some time. However, the Marilyn Monroe collection hit me with a first glance love for quite nearly everything.  I ended up going to both the MAC Robson unveiling party 10 days prior to the regular MAC counter launch and on launch day.  I picked  up Silver Screen, How To Marry and Preferred Blonde eye shadows; Scarlet Ibis, Deeply Adored, Charmed I'm Sure and Love Goddess lipsticks; Legendary and The Perfect Cheek powder blushes and the Marilyn Forever Beauty Powder.

My favourite item of the entire collection is the Deeply Adored lipstick.  It's my kind of red that suits my NC35/40 skin tone.  Deeply Adored is a matte finished dark scarlet with only a hint of blue undertones to it. My second favourite lipstick was Charmed I'm Sure, followed by Love Goddess and Scarlet Ibis.  Charmed I'm Sure is a matte finished medium blue based red.  Love Goddess is quite similar, just a bit pinker.  Scarlet Ibis is a orangey red.  I realize a lot of other people adore Scarlet Ibis, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of it.  I find it makes my teeth look really yellow!  Charmed I'm Sure and Love Goddess are both shades of red that I can see myself wearing when I dye my hair darker.

While I loved most of the lipsticks and I thought the eye shadows were lovely at first, I must admit they were not the best quality coming from MAC. Silver Screen, How To Marry and Preferred Blonde Eyeshadows have a veluxe pearl finish. Usually this would be one of the better finishes from MAC but I can't say that is the case for these.  Veluxe Pearls are normally smooth, almost satiny finish, well pigmented and blend well.  All three are surprisingly sheer and have a chunkier texture.  The texture really didn't allow for easy blending and what I did get on when I layered it over MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, it was almost too much chunky shimmer for me.  If I were to pick just one to buy I'd go with Preferred Blonde.  It is a pale silvery champagne.  It can be used lightly as a highlighter and possibly for the inner third of the eye on my skin tone. Silver Screen is a pale silver and How to Marry is an icy white.  These two are ones I'd use more so as highlighters to other shades.  I did try an eye look using all three shadows and found it too shimmery for my taste. I would suggest using these would other eye shadows for a balanced look.

While the eye shadows had all of the glimmer, the blushes were quite the opposite.  Legendary is a satin finished pale coral.  The Perfect Cheek is a matte finished pinky beige.  For those who prefer a natural blush shade for everyday, these are definitely ones to look at.  They compliment the lipsticks extremely well without looking too overdone.

Last but not least of the items is the collectible Marilyn Forever Beauty Powder.  It is a very pale pinky peach shade with a hint of pearl to it.  It looks rather ashy on the inside of my arm when swatched heavy.  I was able to use this as a highlighter.  I must admit that the main reason I got it was because of Marilyn Monroe on the outside of the compact.  I really didn't need it, just really wanted it for its collectibility!

I did skip the permanent items promoted in the launch, as well as the Dazzleglass and Nail Lacquers.  At the moment I have so much Dazzleglass and Lipglass that I kind of need to work my way through them before picking up anything new.  Quite similarly I do have a lot of Nail Lacquers and had other nail polishes on my mind to get instead.  (While I love to shop, there is a budget!)

The MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe collection has much to offer for those young and old.  The lipsticks offer beautiful shades of red to suit nearly every skin tone.  The blushes are those that could easily become every day blushes for many skin tones. The packaging of this collection is pretty fabulous.  High gloss black with pictures of Marilyn Monroe and her signature adorn them.  Perhaps they'll inspire a little bit of the silver screen glamour goddess in you! Enjoy the rest of the photo's and lets all channel a bit of Marilyn into our lives :)