Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Big Long and Lean Lashes: MAC False Lashes Mascara Review

One crazy day I some how managed to not put mascara on before leaving home for work.  Yup, I had forgotten.  Of all the days, it was on a date night with my man later that night.  I felt like such a fool.  With no time to go home after work, the best solution was to pick up mascara at the nearest MAC counter. 

I got MAC False Lashes Mascara in False Black along with a MAC eye lash curler.  The mascara brush head is one big giant brush that runs pretty close in length and width to my absolute favorite for big bad lashes MAC Opulash Mascara.  The wand is quite long for easier control.  The opposite end of the wand is pretty cute with its fancy tip.  The high gloss black packaging adds some luxe for one of MAC's more expensive mascara's at $22.50 CAD. 

Besides size, the MAC False Lashes Mascara brush head is significantly denser.  Due to how tightly packed the bristles are, each lash is well defined with mascara without clumping.  The formula thickens the lashes and adds length in an intensely black shade.  Most mascara's that add length and thicken are typically so heavy that they don't hold the curl for much longer than a few minues.  I found that this one was light, allowing my lashes to remain curled oh so nicely. 

Over time, I don't find any flaking or mascara residue on my under eye area.  Just curled black lashes lasting thru the day.  It removes readily with MAC Cleansing Oil, but not so well with MAC Wipes.  Oh well, a good mascara needs the tough stuff to come off!

Well, I'm in love with this one!  I've planted it squarely in my makeup compartment of my purse.  No more running to the MAC counter due to forgetting mascara for me ;) 

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February 2012 Topbox Beauty Product Sampler Box

Beauty sample boxes are one wonderful surprise after another for me. I was pretty happy with my previous January 2012 Topbox. For February, they included samples of LillyPilly Kakadu Plum Hand and Body Creme, Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat and full size products of Pari Beauty Eye Shadow and C. Booth Derma Skincare Collagen Elastin Restorative Hand & Nail Treatment.

I love trying new lotions and LillyPilly is definitely one that I will be keeping my eye out for.  Not only is it full of natural ingredients, it has a slight fruity scent that is not overwhelming.  Sweet, well moisturizing and not greasy.  All good qualities in a body lotion or cream for me :).

I am always up for more hand cream, but I think Topbox is kind of overdoing it on the hand creams.  They included two hand creams last month and now with a third from them, I think I need a bit of a break on the hand cream samples for now.  However, the C. Booth Derma Skincare Collagen Elastin Restorative Hand and Nail Treatment is not one that I am going to turn down.  It is  has a fresh and clean feeling compared to many other hand creams.  Fast absorbing yet creamy, it is well hydrating without being greasy or sticky.

My absolute favorite item of the bunch is the Pari Beauty Eye Shadow.  I don't know what in ES72.  It's a pretty gorgeous bright turqoise blue with a pearl finish.  It is super smooth and wears pretty well without fading.  I used Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion with it and had no issues.  I am definitely going to check out Pari Beauty for some more colors. 

My package also included some Yves Saint Laurent samples that I must say I was not loving.  YSL Touche Eclat in No. 2 was far too light for my skintone.  It emphasized by undereye circles rather than make them disappear.  Perhaps I'll try getting a darker sample, but I doubt I'll pick this up in full size at $50 a piece. 

Lastly, I received the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils.  This was a sad disappointment for me as well.  I tried this on 4 occasions only to have mascara residue all under my eyes.  I had layered plenty of powder on my under eyes, so this hands down not something I would be picking up. 

I guess three out of five isn't too bad.  My next Topbox is here.  I will be sure to post pictures soon :)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty Sample Box Fun: February 2012 Flare Magazine Luxebox

I think I've gone on overstimulation mode from beauty sample boxes and too little time in my life to blog! Beauty sample boxes are becoming wildly available nowadays, even to those in Canada. Loose Button produces the Luxebox which recently collaborated with one of my fave Canadian magazines Flare. For February 2012 I received sample sizes of Lise Watier 24 Hour Glam Mascara in Noir, Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner, CK Shock for Her Eau de Toilette, Mereadesso Face and Neck Toning Gel, and Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm. Promotions abounded in this Luxebox. Of course being promoted by Flare, a subscription offer was included.  As well an offer from Dealuxe and Mereadesso.  So many products and services to sample, with only so little time and money!

Besides cosmetics, I spend a huge quantity of money on my hair. My rotation of hair shampoos, conditioners and styling products includes a lot of Redken products.  Including Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.  Love them both for my blonde highlights!  That with some purple shampoo and conditioner keeps me from looking too brassy.

Lise Watier 24 Hour Glam Mascara was a nice surprise.  I wouldn't be running to get this one, but if I couldn't get MAC Studiofix Mascara, I would consider this as an option. The brush head is quite similar to MAC Studiofix Mascara, helping to define lashes evenly.  The formula is good, although I'd make sure to wear powder below the eyes to ensure no smudging.  Unfortunately, it did smudge on me, although Lise Watier's site says that is smudgeproof.  Perhaps it was my undereye cream, but it would be something to consider.

A new brand to consider (at least for me) is Mereadesso.  The Mereadesso Face & Neck Toning Gel is a unique product claiming to do everything that your usual skin care regime might do.  It claims to be a moisturizer, toner, serum, primer, day cream, night cream and eye cream, all in one.   Unfortunately, it does not have an SPF, so it isn't quite all in one.  It has a light citrus smell and absorbs into skin easily.  My skin did feel nice after using it, however I still felt like I needed more moisturizer in addition to the gel. As nice as the product is, I probably wouldn't pick it up once I am done my current regime.  At $120 CAD for 1.7 fl oz ( 50 mL) that can last up to four months, I think this kind of eats too much of my budget.

I also received Mereadesso Body Balm. I didn't use this too much as I felt it smelled a bit too medicinal for my liking.  A body butter or cream in a fruits, floral, or vanilla scented are more attractive for me in a body moisturizer. 

Lastly, I got CK One Shock for Her.  It was a pretty huge sample of 10 mL, where most are about 1-3mL.  This is a floral with a hint of vanilla and musk.  I would definitely use this on a fun date night of dancing.

Whew, what a great box of samples!  At $10 CAD a month, plus tax, I can't wait for my next Luxebox :)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fragrance Sampling in the January 2012 Luxebox

So sorry guys & gals! I know that January and February have both come and gone, however I still feel the need to show off the January 2012 Luxebox I received from Loose Button

The January Luxebox included so many samples, I was a bit blown away.  I received so many fragrance samples, I doubt I'll be needing to buy more perfume for awhile.  I received fragrance samples of Prada Candy, Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Nina Ricci L'air, Nina Ricci L'Elixir, Prada Infusion D'iris and Paco Rabanne Black XS. 

I am only slightly disappointed in getting duplicates of an Yves Rocher Rouge Dragee Lipstick in Framboise Sorbet and Olay Regenerist.  I don't mind perfume duplicates, since those get used quite readily, however a second full size lipstick of the same shade???  No, not so good.  Oh well, I am sure to find it another home with one of my good friends.

The Luxebox also included a full size tube of NYX liquid eyeiner in black.  It has a lovely felt tip and perfect for doing cat eyes.

Besides beauty products, I received a sample of coffee from Seattle's Best Coffee in level 3.  It is a bit strong for me, but brewed at less than full strength, it is bold enough for me.

Lastly, they also sent the new Schick Hydro Silk Razor and samples of  Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner.  I have yet to try the shampoo and conditioner, but will do so on my next trip.  I do absolutely love the new Schick Hydro Silk Razor.  It has 5 curve hugging blades that cut super close.  They are surrounded with moisture strips, making for a pleasant shave.  My only complaint is that if you knock out the razor head from the handle, it is super hard to put back on.  I never actually did, so  I had to hold it along the short sides to use it.  Oh well, hopefully the refill cartridges will fit into my Schick Intuition handle. 

The February 2012 Luxebox is fabulous as well, I hope to get the review up shortly.  Enjoy the pictures for now ;)

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