Monday, January 30, 2012

MAC Make It Perfect Mineralize Brush Kit Review

My last visit to the MAC counter for some MAC Naturally included the MAC Make It Perfect Mineralize Brush Kit.  It includes the 187SE, 130SE, 286SE and 282SE.

The 187 SE is the Duo Fibre Face Brush.  I have it in the regular size that has a much longer handle.  The 187SE is quite similar with a shorter handle.

The 130 SE is the Short Duo Fibre Face Brush.  I have it in the regular size that I use occasionally for foundation and cream blushes. 

The 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush works in a similar manner to other blending brushes, such as the 226 or the 217.  I do like that this one doesn't tend to take off as much product while blending as a 226.  It applies product decently, however I think it is better as a blender. I really like this one, I think I may go back for the full size one depending on what else gets released in February.  I don't want to blow my budget!

The 282 Duo Fibre Shader Brush is a wide shader brush.  It is not quite as wide as the MAC 235 Split Fibre Brush, but close to the size of the MAC 249 Large Shader Brush.  The 282 brush applies a sheer application of shadow.  It is interesting how it applies sheer, yet allows the shimmer to pull thru.  I'm intrigued and wonder if this will be offered in full size one day. 

The quality of these brushes is better than some of seen in the past little while.  I got the Hello Kitty set in 2008 that came with the 109SE contour brush, 187SE duo fibre face brush and 239SE eye shadow brush. The 109SE and 187SE from the Hello Kitty set had a ton of the black hairs dye coming off in washing, as well as a lot of shedding while washing and in use.  Going from that to the quality in this set is hugely different.  I didn't have an issue with black dye coming out nor much shedding in use or during washing. 

The clear plastic bag is cute and functional.  I can see everything inside and fit the brushes in ever so snugly. 

This set is actually not too bad.  For ladies on a budget or just wanting to try brushes out before going all in, this set is great.  At $59.50 CAD, this set is definitely worth a shot, as long as you have some at your local MAC counter!

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