Sunday, August 21, 2011

Subtle Satiny MAC Semi-Precious Warmth of Coral & Pressed Amber Mineralize Blush Review & Swatches

The MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Blushes are smooth, satiny and subtle pots of cheek color.  I exhibited some restraint and just got two.  Warmth of Coral and Pressed Amber seemed to be the more wearable of the three for me.  As much as I wanted Feeling Flush, the pink and purple tones in it probably wouldn't be something I'd wear on a day-to-day basis.

Pressed Amber is something I know I'd be able to use more readily.  It's a marble of pinky-nude, beige and brown with a satin finish. If you like MAC Happy Together Mineralize Blush or Warm Soul Mineralize Blush, this blush is definitely one to look at.  Pair it with a smokey eye, bright lips or any other look where cheeks are not the focus.  Buildable but be careful not to go too heavy as it can look a bit ruddy or even like two giant brown spots.

Warmth of Coral is a marble of peach and coral.  It has barely a touch of pink.  It adds just a touch of color to cheeks.  Easily buildable but never gets too dark.

Since both mineralize blushes on the subtle side, pairing it with the dazzling array of rich eye shadows works amazingly well.  I am glad that these are satiny rather than frosty or shimmery.  For girls wanting a little shimmer, just add a bit of one of the MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Skin Finishes or even good old MAC Soft & Gentle.  Am loving both and hope you've gotten your hands on these before they sell out. :)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

More Shimmery Goodness: MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadow Review & Swatches Pt 2

There are so many beautiful eye shadows from the MAC Semi-Precious Collection, I wish I had the time to change my shade midday! Haha, highly unlikely during a typical workday ;) Besides Rare Find, Smoked Ruby, Golden Gaze and Jade's Fortune, I also got Faux Gold, Clarity, Dark Indulgence and Unsurpassable.

Clarity is a unique shade that is a melange of black, silver, pink, gold, copper, and blue shimmer.  It's got just about everything under the kitchen sink!  Applied dry, it is sheer yet has beautiful touches of each shade that show through.  Applied wet, its chunkier texture requires some work to prevent it from clumping up.  Work slowly and with a light hand for optimal non-sheer results. I thought the blend of colors in this particular shade was pretty freaking awesome.  The range of colors in this shadow allow you to choose a lot of different bases and other eye shadows to match it up with.  This was one of my picks to take on vacation for a little something fun.

Unsurpassable is another unique shade that is a melange of lime green, teal, marine blue, frosted white and copper. It has a chunkier sheerer texture than Clarity that swatches more of a cool greyish lime. The lime base isn't very flattering on me, however it is a crazy and kind of out there shade if you wish to get noticed.  I'd match it up with a silver, grey, platinum or navy shade since I am a bit conservative.

Faux Gold is a melange of copper, peach, gold and burgundy.  This is a glamorous shade that could be worn sheer for day and wet for night.  On swatching, it is a frosty warm copper pink shade.  I find I'm reaching for this one pretty regularly, much like I am reaching for Rare Find and Jade's Fortune.

Dark Indulgence is a black based dark forest bluish-green.  It does bear some similarity to the green side of the MAC Venomous Villains Mineralize Eye Shadow in She Who Dares.  Dark Indulgence has a shimmer and frosty finish rather than glitter.  Dark Indulgence is more similar to the Chanel Noir Obscurs Les Folies Noir Eye Shadow Quad's green shade, but not quite as black.  Of the three dark shimmery green shadows, I would still choose Dark Indulgence.  I'd use it all over the lid and perhaps a layer of She Who Dares in the middle for some evening dazzle.

The MAC Semi-Precious Eye Shadows has a huge range of dazzling and fun shades that is sure to tickle your fancy.  I found 8, but had to restrain on the last few that didn't quite win me over.  My favorites by far are Rare Find, Clarity and Faux Gold.  My big dislike with mineralize eye shadows is that they aren't easy to work with dry.  I always find I am using two bases:  Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion and MAC Paint or Paint Pot.  While I usually use at least one of the two bases, there are times where I do want to use just one.  But of course, I'll do the work to get the look as I am a bit crazy when it comes to makeup. ;)

So, what have you been up to?  I've been spending a lot of time in the gym lately.  On most days at about 6-6:15am, I am in the gym warming up to get into some HIITs cardio or strength training with some moves from Zuzana at  I'm working hard to get in bikini shape for a trip to Las Vegas in less than two weeks with some family. While I have been doing weights and cardio for over a year before I started checking out Zuzana's Bodyrock videos. I must say the biggest improvements in my shape have come from doing her work outs a few times a week in far less time than what I used to spend in the gym.  Save time & better results?  Yea, more time for playing with makeup! :D  Please check her out if you're looking a change in work out routines or some encouragement to work out.  Don't forget to check out the swatch pictures below before you check out Zuzana though. :)

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Shimmery Colorful Goodness: MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eye Shadows Review Pt 1

Well my dears, I'm so sorry this has taken me a really long time to post. Partly because the MAC Semi-Precious Collection has so many beautiful Mineralize Eye Shadows, I really had to spend a ton of time playing with each to get a good enough feel before writing a review.  But I've also been up to many important things.  More on that later!

This post includes pictures of Jade's Fortune, Smoked Ruby, Golden Gaze and Rare Find.
  • Jade's Fortune is a melange of yellow, lime, grey, black, silver shimmer and blue shimmer in the pan. When swatched dry, it appears to be a grey with hints of lime, silver and blue shimmer.  When swatched wet, it is more intense.  Layered over a cool greenish base, such as MAC Greenstroke Paint Pot, it pulls more blue. 
  • Smoked Ruby is a black based garnet red.  I would say its more garnet than ruby red because it pulls warm rather than blue as most rubies do.   I am not a fan of using this dry, I would use it wet to aide in adhesion to a sticky base.  However, this is fabulous for a gorgeous smokey eye.  Pair it with dark red or burgundy lips for an instant vampire look. 
  • Golden Gaze is a warm gold shimmer in a black base.  It bares resemblance to MAC Gilt by Association which has a black base, sooty appearance and is glittery with a hint of coolness.  Golden Gaze is smoother, less chunky, shimmery and pulls warmer. 
  • Rare Find is a melange of plum, grey, purple, magenta and blue shimmer.  It is a glorious mix of shades that has all of the subtle nuances of plum, grey, purple, magenta and blue shimmer coming through.  Turn a bit and you'll see a little something else. 

My favorite of this set is Rare Find since I am such a sucker for purple's. My second favorite is Jade's Fortune.  It's such a unique eyeshadow with a huge contrast when comparing it in the pan, when swatched dry and when swatched wet.

The formula of the MAC Semi-Precious Collection Mineralize Eye Shadows is quite comparable to last years In The Groove Collection yet had some comparable features to those from the Venomous Villains Collection. I felt the shimmer level and smoothness of most of the Semi-Precious Collection Mineralize Eye Shadows was most similar to those from In The Groove. However, Smoked Ruby and Golden Gaze reminded me of the Venomous Villains Mineralize Eye Shadows with black based shimmers, yet smoother.  While these don't have tons of fallout, I'd expect to do some cleanup under the eye after applying.

Overall I found these shades to be more intense, smoother and softer than previously released MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows (at least from the last few years ;).  I absolutely love how many of them have a melange of colors that dance across the lid.  They're definitely ones I'd suggest using alone or matching up with similar shades rather than contrasting them. I'd also suggest using these over the usual suspects of Urban Decay Primer Potion (or other similar sticky base) and a MAC Paint or Paint Pot.  Then apply them wet, preferably with a glycerin based mixing medium for less fallout and better adhesion. 

So what exactly have I been up to besides playing with makeup?   Last week I was in Edmonton where I did a bit of shopping at my absolute favorite lingerie store, Victoria's Secret.  It's one of the very few Victoria's Secret stores in Canada, I hope I'll get one around here!  It's a bit of a hassle traveling across the border to Washington state or Alberta just to get my fix. Hopefully we'll get one around here soon, but for now I will play away with these gorgeous mineralize eye shadows.


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