Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Plum Crush Metal Dazzlesphere Review & Swatches

The last of the MAC Holiday 2011 items that I purchased was the Plum Crush Metal Dazzlesphere.It includes Misty, Seasonally Cool, Light Violet and Grape. 

Misty is pale silver shimmer.  This one is quite like MAC Silver Fog Pigment. It has a slightly drier texture and applies sheerly.  I would use this as an inner third of the lid shade or very sparingly on the brow bone of my NC40 skin.

Seasonally Cool is a pale frosty taupe with a hint of lavender.  This one applies really nicely.  It isn't too dry and seems to come together on a sticky base really well.  I like using this as an all over lid shade.  I've used mine quite a bit in the last month I've had it ;)

Light Violet is exactly that, frosted light violet.  I like to think of it as the pretty yet hard to deal with sister of the bunch.  It has this chunkier texture that needs a good stiff brush with a light hand to whip it into working order, as well as a sticky base. Once you get it on the lid, it is still prone to fall out after the sticky base has dried. It also is nearly exactly the same as the MAC Spring Colour Forecast Stacked 1! light violet shade as well as MAC Kitschmas pigment. Besides being nearly the same as a few other MAC products and a bit of pain to work with, it does has this super shimmery fairy like finish with little flakes of pearly glitter.  Messy, yet dreamy, not quite perfect.

Grape is a shimmery deep violet grape shade.  It has a slight bluish cast to it when applied wet.  This one is great as a crease or outer crease shade.  It applies nicely over a sticky base and doesn't have issues for fall out.  It is very very similar to the grape shade of MAC Spring Colour Forecast Stacked 1! set. 

I do have to comment about the packaging of MAC Crush Metal Pigments.  I do have to be honest and say I don't really like it.  Yes it is simple and does the job, however there is a tendency for spillage when in a rush.  After unscrewing the lid, I wish it had a powder dispenser top so that only a wee bit of powder could come out when opened. A dispenser top much like the Lise Watier Loose Eye Shadow would be much better.  Regular pigments are less prone to spillage since they're a little bigger in size to hold and are narrower than the packaging of Crush Metal Pigments.

Overall, this set isn't overly unique.   If you have the MAC Spring Colour Forecast Stacked 1! Crush Metal Pigment set, you may wish to skip it.  Seasonally Cool didn't seem like a shade that I have in my stash, but I could be wrong.  I like this set, although I can't say I love it.  Much like the other Crush Metal Pigments of past, these do require a sticky base and some work to get a good amount of coverage from them.  Certain shades are more prone to fall out due to lots of glitteriness more than just shimmer or frost.  I also don't really like that 3 of the 4 shades in this set appear to be shades I've seen before.  Oh well, it is lovely as it is.  Until next time, enjoy the swatches!

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  1. Those colours look gorgeous, I'd like to see the looks you create with these.