Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Berry Crush Metal Dazzlesphere Review & Swatches

The second of the three MAC Holiday 2011 Dazzlespheres I purchased is the Berry Crush Metal Ornament.  It includes Pearl, Rose Light, Roasted Chestnut and Spicy Smoke.  When I went in for a makeover during the MAC Holiday and Glitter and Ice promotion party, the makeup artist used this set on me.

Pearl is a pale pale frosted pink.  This one is surprisingly smooth compared to other lighter shades of Crushed Metal Pigments.  It works well as a highlighter or inner third eye shade.

Rose Light is medium shade of frosted yellow-pink. It works well as an all over lid color as well as outer crease shade.

Roasted Chestnut is a frosted deep chocoalte brown. I like this as a inner crease color or even as a liner.  Frosty dark browns are very versatile to work with.

Spicy Smoke is a frosted pinky red.  I don't love this color, but it does work well with the rest of these shades.  I guess it is mostly that I don't wear red on my lids.  To me, red should be a lip or blush shade.  However, I am trying!  I did a look where I used this on the middle third of my lid with Roasted Chestnut in the outer crease, outer third of lid and in the crease.  Then Rose Light on the inner third of the lid.  It worked, but it was a little odd to see red so close my eyes.  Oh well, I must keep trying ;)

Of all of the Crush Metal Pigments Dazzlesphere sets, I think this set would be the winner.  It has a good mix of really wearable shades that can be work and office safe.  The quality of this set was also good to great overall.  I didn't feel like there was one I had to work tremendously hard at making it apply nicely enough (hence little comment on each ones specific finish and potential finickiness).  I do find myself reaching for this particular set.  I've used Pearl and Roasted Chestnut pretty regularily.  According to the Canadian MAC Cosmetics site (at the moment), these are still in stock.  it is definitely one to check out!

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  1. ever since i've seen this i really want to get it but unfortunately its not available where i live,spicy smoke is gorgeous.

  2. Hi benish,
    Aww, that's too bad! Perhaps you could get it on Ebay? I know it is more expensive that way, but sometimes if you really want something, that's the only way ;)