Monday, November 14, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter & Ice Haul Review & Swatches

The MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter & Ice Collection collaboration with Johnny Weir is sure to tickle your glitter loving heart.  Full of glitter and frost, it sure is one to make your peepers sparkle away.  I picked up Morning Frost Paint Pot, Hold That Pose Mineralize Eye Shadow, Winterized Mineralize Eye Shadow and Snow Season Mineralize Eye Shadow.

Morning Frost Paint Pot is a cool light mauvey taupey beige. It is frosty verging on glittery and has a slightly gritty texture.  It is nowhere near as smooth as the permanent Bare Study Paint Pot that is more of a shimmery pearl finish. The texture of Morning Frost makes it more mobile, so it slips on the lid rather than staying put as with most Paint Pots. (Perhaps I need to dry it out a little bit.) It is only a hint mauvey taupe than Bare Study.  It is quite pale and is super high in shimmer and frost.  It is similar to Bare Study that it could be used as an every day base to match up with shades.  Having said that, I would've probably picked up another Bare Study instead due to the slipping of Morning Frost.  To be honest I don't believe I would have gotten it except for the packaging.  The white cap on the usual glass jar is pretty cute and is a great indicator of what is inside when looking through a drawer of Paint Pots and Fluidlines with the usual black caps. :)

Hold That Pose Mineralized Eye Shadow is a frosty melange of pink, grey, and white frost. It swatches to a high frost pinked silver.  I would stick to this one being used sparingly as it can be a bit stark, especially on warmer skintones.

Winterized Mineralized Eye Shadow is a frosty melange of navy blue, grey, deep purple, and pink frost. It swatches to a greyed deep mauve.  It reminds me a bit of MAC Hynotizing and Shale. 

Snow Season Mineralized Eye Shadow is a frosty melange of pink, white and golden champagne.  It swatches pinky champagne frost. This one reminds me of the limited edition Love Connection from many collections back.  Love Connection does have more golden champagne in it of course since half of it is golden champagne.  Snow Season is like Love Connections toned down sister.

The formula of these is pretty consistent across the three that I picked out. On the dry side, I suggest applying these wet to avoid fall out and have a smoother application. They do have a chunky texture due to the frost level, and results in pretty significant fall out.  However, since most of these are on the lighter side, think of it as fairy dust for your holiday look.

Now, they are definitely not like the Semi-Precious Collection eye shadows with shades ranging from green to blue and smokey gold.  These are extremely shimmery and will probably not attract a lot of people to them.  However, I still think they deserve a look.  Mixed with a few less shimmery eye shadows, it could be a lovely holiday look. 

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MAC Fall Color 2011 Three Ring Yellow Review, Comparison & Swatches

MAC Three Ring Yellow is a Limited Edition released eye shadow from the MAC Fall Color 2011 Collection.  In a Veluxe Pearl finish, it is a shimmery shade of yellow green.  It applies beautifully as many Veluxe Pearl finish shades do.

I'd co-ordinate Three Ring Yellow with browns, as well as teals and turqoises.  Perhaps even copper or bronze. 

It is not overly unique if you have the limited edition Rated R eye shadow.  However Rated R is greener and less yellow than Three Ring Yellow.  It is nowhere near the permanent shades of Juxt or Lucky Green.  Both are considerably less yellow and are cooler in tone compared to Three Ring Yellow and Rated R. 

Three Ring Yellow is still showing as available on the MAC Canada site.  Hopefully you'll be able to add it to your stash :)

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MAC Styledriven Show Me! Pro Longwear Lipglass Review & Swatches

One of MAC's new permanent products in the Styledriven Collection for Fall Winter 2011 is the Pro Longwear Lipglass with nine shades varying from neutrals, pinks, red, purple, to bright pink. I picked out a safe neutral in Show Me!

Show Me! is described as a mid-tone neutral plum.  I don't find it plummy, but more a pinky brown.  It is a creamy finish with no noticeable sparkles, glitter or pearl.   While not a color that screams look at me, it is one that I knew would go with warm and cool looks when paired with darker eye looks or deeper cheeks for fall.

The formula of the Pro Longwear Lipglass is very very sticky, moderately thick, full coverage and has a wet lipstick appearance.   It is quite unlike Cremesheen Glass that is thinner, has a sheer coverage, a light feel and is nowhere near as sticky. The big bonus for the Pro Longwear Lipglass is that it lasts far longer than just sipping some drinks.  I can easily wear this through a not so oily salad without having the majority of lip product coming off (the usual occurrence with Cremesheen Glass and many other lip products). It's sticky tendency does tend to glom on to bread crumbs and other dry and flaky foods, such as sandwiches, pies and streudels.

One of my concerns is always lipline bleed without a lip liner.  Show Me! does not seem to require a lipliner, but I think I'll have to try another one of the darker Pro Longwear Lipglasses just to make sure. 

While it lasts through several hours of wear, including eating most foods, its sticky texture is a tad of a nuisance.  We've had some very windy weather lately, so my hair tends to stick to it.  So I'd suggest applying this just before getting to your destination. I still quite like it and will probably get a few more in the coming months.  Thankfully these are permanent, so no rush on grabbing more right away :)

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MAC Fall Color 2011 Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish Review & Swatches

Part of the MAC Fall Color 2011 Collection is the Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish. It is a re-promote from the MAC Danse Collection from Fall Winter 2006.  Lightscapade is a pale pearl blended melange of pink, blue, yellow, lavender and a hint of peach.

As pretty as it is in the pan, it is super super light. On my NC40 skintone, it works decently with a light hand as a highlighter for cooler looks.  Lighter beauties may find this works lovely. However, this will not be one that I reach for on a daily basis.  It is just simply too pale to use as a cheek color and it does not work well with the warmer looks I tend to wear over fall and winter.

Peraps for a cool-toned New Year's Eve look, but perhaps it will be just another beautiful MSF to peruse in my Mineralize Skinfinish collection.  Unfortunately, it is sold out in stores and online, however many are available on Ebay and the like.  Thankfully, not at $100 as they were prior to the repromote.  Thank goodness I held out!

Collectible?  Absolutely.  Daily use?  For lighter beauties as a highlighter.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MAC Ash Violet Fluidline Review & Swatches

MAC Ash Violet Fluidline is a lovely shade of blackened purple.  It has a sheer and frosted finish.  It is quite unlike many of the other Fluidline products that tend to be quite pigmented.  This one is not so pigmented, which is a bit of a disappointment.  Unfortunately, it does not layer very well, probably due to its chunkier texture. However, when layered over Blacktrack, the sparkle shines through for a delicate amount of glitter.

While not my favourite of the limited edition Fluidline's of late, it can add that little bit of glitter to your eye look.

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MAC Fall Color Collections Mini-Haul :)

I know you're seeing MAC Holiday items at your MAC counter and stores already and I have yet to post my MAC Fall Color Collections Haul!  My bad!  I've been up to many important things, including preparing for a craft sales in the evening, waking up at 6 am to Bodyrock five days a week and working five or even six days a week.  I've reviewed MAC Kiss Me Quick, but as you can see, I've got a ton more to review! My little haul includes Three Ring Yellow Eye Shadow, Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish, Show Me Pro Longwear Lipglass, Ash Violet Fluidline, Emerald Dusk Pigment, Starless Night Pigment and Blue Storm Pigment. Yes, I've got a lot of work ahead of me.     Posted by Picasa

MAC Me Over Midnight Blues Fluidline Review & Swatch

After a long wait, I finally got some time to write a review for this lovely shade of blue.  From the MAC Me Over Collection from what seems like eons ago, is the Fluidline Midnight Blue.  Midnight Blue is blackened blue.  Midnight Blue is not as teal or golden as MAC Siahi.  It has a very slight shimmer, but not quite as shimmery as Siahi.

Much like the vast majority of MAC Fluidline's, Midnight Blue is not one to disappoint.  It applies smoothly and layers nicely to a solid line.  It lasts all day, no smudging or messing about.  I love adding to my Fluidline collection!

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Classic Red: MAC Posh Paradise Eden Rouge Mattene Lipstick

The MAC Posh Paradise Collection included a lovely set of Mattene formula lipsticks.  I decided to try Eden Rouge as part of my long standing quests for a perfect red lipstick with little lip line bleed. Eden Rouge is a simple bright blue red. It is not overly blue that it doesn't work on my NC40 skintone.

I find that this formula is creamy and smooth to apply.  It is somewhat moisturising at first.  It gets a hint drying after 3-4 hours of wear, but not so much so where it feels painful. I do notice signs of wear after eating soupy, oily or saucy meals.  Of course, much more so with oily food.

Unfortunately, I do notice some signs of lip line bleeding without the use of a lip liner.  While not super noticeable after 3-4 hours; after 6 to 8 hours, it does look quite messy.  With the use of lip liner, all problems are solved.  My choice at the moment is Kiss Me Quick MAC Prolongwear Lip Liner (love it!), it completely stopped it in its tracks :)  The last picture in this post is where I'm wearing both Kiss Me Quick and Eden Rouge.  Definitely a winning combo :)

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MAC Style Driven Kiss Me Quick Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

In a quest for a perfect red pout, it requires a helper in the form of a proper lip pencil. After picking up MAC Eden Rouge lipstick, I picked up the MAC Style Driven Kiss Collection Kiss Me Quick Pro Longwear Lip Pencil. At $21.50 CAD each, this lip pencil is one of the best I've tried.

Kiss Me Quick is slightly yellow red.  It is a permanent shade that applies smoothly without any tugging.  It truly helped with lip line bleeding so much so that I can wear red lips far more often in a month than I ever have in the last ten years.  After 8 to 9 hours of wear, I only see a little bit of fading.  But not so much so that I need to reapply my liner or feel the need to wipe it all off and start fresh.  While it doesn't hold up to oily salad dressing or other oily food, it took a lot of oil to really mess it up.

I really love this liner.  I have to restrain myself from picking up a back up, since I don't wear red lips all too often. It is definitely worth a look for some hot red lips for the holidays.

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