Thursday, September 8, 2011

MAC 235 Split Fibre All Over Shadow Brush Review

The MAC Cosmetics Semi-Precious Collection included two new eye brushes, a cheek brush and a buffer brush.  After much pondering, I got the MAC 235 Split Fibre All Over Shadow Brush.

The MAC 235 Split Fibre All Over Shadow Brush has two distinct sides.  On the one side is the firmer goat hair fibres and the other has softer synthetic fibres.  The synthetic fibre side allows for a good amount of eye shadow powder to be picked up for an all over lid look. The softer side allows for some blending and smoothing of eye shadow powder over the lid.

The length of the handle is the same as on a MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush, however the width of the brush is wider than the 239.  The wider width makes it faster and easier to apply and smooth out an all over dry lid look.  This compliments the MAC Semi-Precious Collection with their divine multi-dimensional Mineralize Eye Shadows.

I did try using this brush wet, in addition to being used dry.  Due to the width of the brush, I found it slightly more difficult to control eye shadow placement when wet.  I would use the MAC 239 brush instead for easier control.  The wider width makes this brush a bit difficult to do an eye look with multiple shades.  If you are used to using 2-4 eye shadows in your eye look, this brush probably wouldn't be the easiest one to do that with.  I'd stick with the MAC 239 or Sigma Makeup SS 239 brush instead.

Speaking of brushes.....I was in Las Vegas two weeks ago and I forgot my brushes!  Thankfully, there's a MAC store in the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.  My picks to get through the weekend were the 239 Eye Shadow Brush, 226 Tapered Blending Brush (this one looks distinctly different from my old one by the way), and a 129SH Powder & Cheek Brush.  Thank goodness for MAC being so readily available :)

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