Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Rose Quartz Goldstone & Crystal Pink Mineralize Skinfinish Review & Swatches

The MAC Semi-Precious Collection has a dazzling range of mineral based products.  This collection has the unique feature where the Mineralize Skinfinish contains semi-precious stones and minerals from Brazil, including tourmaline, pyrite, orthoclase, and bronzite.

While this was not my immediate attraction to the collection, I find this extremely intriguing and most suitable for a rock collector like me.  Yes, truly I am. Way back when I was about 11 years old I went on a summer trip to Yellowknife, NWT, Canada (yup, where Prince William and Kate were recently on their North American honeymoon ;) with my mother and stepfather.  It is about a 2 day drive north of Edmonton, Alberta and is insanely cold in winter, but pretty great during the summer with the exception of millions of mosquitoes. As part of my vacation we camped on the eastern arm of Great Slave Lake.  Long story short, to keep myself amused in between learning how to shoot a pellet gun, fishing and scratching mosquito bites, I looked at all of the pretty rocks. I took some home and later looked them up to be mostly quartz crystal of various shades, pyrite and other types of pre-Cambrian rock.  I took some samples home and eventually used them in my grade 7 science project.  So as I looked at the ingredient listing of the new MSF's, I thought wow, these contain pyrite!  Teheheh, I've seen that in its natural state! :) (By the way, yes I do have my rock collection still, it is somewhere in storage since I don't have any space to show them at the moment.)

Anyways, back to the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes.  I picked up three of the four:  Rose Quartz, Crystal Pink and Goldstone.
  • Rose Quartz is a yellow based shimmery rosy pink.  The middle section is a mix of light pink, white and light green with copper and bronze veining.  It makes for a subtle pink cheek.  Just right for an everyday cheek.  
  • Crystal Pink is a champagne shimmery shade with a touch of peach and pink. The middle section is a mix of pink, bronze and dark grey-green with pearl and bronze veins. It's like a hybrid of MAC Candlelight and Soft & Gentle.  I like this as a highlighter the most. 
  • Goldstone is a shimmery golden brown.  The middle section is a mix of pink, peach and champagne with gold and bronze shimmer.  This is my personal favorite of the three that I got.  It results in a beautiful golden bronzy peach shade that is not too light and not too orangey on my cheeks. It is the most pigmented of the three I purchased.
Overall, these aren't glitter bombs but don't expect low level shimmer. Their shimmer verges on glitter bomb, but with a light hand and a good duo fibre brush, fine glitter is less noticeable.  I chose not to get the Pearl Mineralize Skinfinish as it was a bit light for my taste. It turned out to be paler than Crystal Pink on me. It didn't show up overly well on swatching for my skintone, especially as I do tan quite readily over summer. I am sure many Mineralize Skinfinish fans are going to adore at least one of these never the less, the marbling and veining in the centre is too enchanting to not get one.  Or maybe a few like me. :)

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  1. omg i absolutely love them. I think i may have to pass on this though because they are so similar to all the msf's i have :)

  2. I love the middle color of goldstone,any1 know a good highlighter similar to thatncolor? Wld really appreciate it. Xoxo