Monday, June 6, 2011

MAC Jeanius Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

The MAC Jeanius Collection was a bit of a blip on my radar.  It arrived in the midst of my no buy and it seemed like a good fit.  At the end of my no buy I picked up only Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow.

Stovepipe Black is a frosty dark gray in a denim embossed pattern with a small portion of copper overlay.  I found this had a rather dry texture and applied a bit dusty.  It lost its frostiness in the pan when applied.  I noticed that it needed to be worked in far more than with most other MAC eye shadows.  However, it appeared a little better when applied over some shimmery sticky base.  I tried it with MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, resulting in an improved appearance.

This is an eyeshadow that would be better layered over a base or as a crease or above crease shade.  It's nothing stellar so I wouldn't run out and get a backup.  If you are a total die hard for limited edition embossing, than it may be slightly worthwhile to pick up.

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