Monday, June 20, 2011

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder Review & Swatches

 Another highlight of the MAC Cosmetics Surf Baby Collection is the My Paradise Cheek Powder.

With its gold hibiscus flower over a soft and satiny peach.  It leans a bit orange, but not so much to fear bright orange clown cheeks.  Depending on how much of the gold flower is picked up on your brush, it varies the shimmer level from low to high. It is buildable in intensity, however doesn't get too close to pan color very easily. 

Besides complimenting the Surf Baby color collection, it is also pretty for warmer looks.  I don't actually have a lot of orangey-peach cheek colors like this one.  So it's opened my eyes to checking out a new shade in the color spectrum for cheek colors.  Hope you've picked one out before they sold out :)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NOTD: Supporting the Vancouver Canucks Lippmann Across The Universe & China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Well, it's really time to support the Vancouver Canucks. For those of you not in the loop, today is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup NHL Finals. Vancouver needs this game to fulfill a billion dreams of hockey fans from Vancouver, Toronto, Hong Kong and Wagga Wagga, Australia (hey Jess! ;).  Am super excited and absolutely cannot wait until the puck drops!

I've been wearing blue and green eye shadow on game days, as well as blue and green nail polish through the playoffs.  Now I love Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer glitters, especially Across The Universe. Across The Universe is a sheer marine blue with blue, green and light blue glitter varying in size from small to chunky. It seems like it was made for an instant Vancouver Canucks manicure.  My only issue is that it takes about 4 layers to build it up to opacity, leaving a ton of chunky light blue, green and darker blue glitter.  Great, but I find it a bit of a waste in product.  I've layered it here over a coat of China Glaze Blue Sparrow Nail Lacquer.  It gives an instant brightness, cuts down drying time and cuts down the quantity of precious Lippmann Nail Lacquer that I use.

Loves it!  In Vancouver and across Canada, pick up Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer at Murale and Holt Renfrew.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Summer Stash Crushed Metal Pigments Review & Swatches

The MAC Cosmetics Surf Baby Collection has an enormous array of face and color products.  I was able to take it in at a preview party where one of the first items I absolutely had to have was the Summer Stash Crushed Metal Pigments.

The Summer Stash Crushed Metal Pigments includes four shades.  From lightest to darkest, there is a pale silvery icy pink, a pale pink, a dirty pink mauve and a deep plum.

These have a slightly moist and slightly chunky texture with tons of shimmer and shine for lots of eye catching attention. Use them wet for loads of shine or buff it in dry over a moist base for a subtle shimmer. An eye shadow base is necessary however to avoid creasing and to reduce fall out.  Unfortunately without a base, they tend to crease up too easily no matter whether applied dry or wet.  Fallout is kind of a given with pigment, so use it sparingly and with a base for an easier clean up.   As well, wear time varies greatly depending on using a base and type of base.  I'd suggest the one-two punch with Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, along with MAC Paint, Paint Pot or similar base.

These retail for $38.50CAD, breaking down to under $10 for each pigment.  Not bad for a product that I am unlikely to use the entire jar of :)  Now, I know these bare some resemblance to the 2009 Spring Color Forecast Stack 1.  I thankfully have some samples and must say that as close as they are, they're still different enough for pink and purple lovers.  FOTD's with these pigments coming soon :)

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Booker: My Loving Pal

This is my dedication to my loving pal, Booker. Unfortunately, I had to put him down on June 1, 2011. He had been sick with ear cancer for over two years. The cancer had taken its toll and eventually caused him to be too ill to walk.  I miss him greatly.

Booker was an ever loving mutt.  We were told when he adopted him at two years age that he was a pure golden retriever, but something about him said he wasn't.  His behavior and temperament were definitely golden retriever, well behaved, caring, yet playful.

Two years ago just before Easter the vet told us that his reoccurring ear infection for the previous seven months was cancer.  His prognosis was 4 months to a year if he survived surgery. Opting for surgery, we hoped for the best. However, the vet called my mother and I during surgery that perhaps we should put him down right then and there.  We were not ready, we also knew he wasn't.

He fought well and hard.  For two years he kept on, going for up to four walks a day and eating everything to his hearts content.   His cheerful and loving smile, wet kisses and nudges to wake me up, and his ever loving spirit is what I miss everyday.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots of Fun Stuff! MAC Cosmetics Surf Baby Haul

So I went a wee bit crazy for the MAC Cosmetics Surf Baby Collection.  I was able to make my way to the MAC Robson Store Preview Event where I was able to have a look and purchase the new collection.  The event was filled with some cocktails and appetizers, including grilled pineapple, pecan slider burgers, sauteed garlic prawns and mango and chocolate martini's.  Delicious food to go along with a rocking collection.

Stations were set up all around the store with many artists on hand to answer questions and grab items for customers.  I got their early so I was able to swatch early.  I was able to have the joys of a brand new tester.   I had to swatch everything, but my haul is moderately selective. ;) I picked up Summer Stash Crushed Metal Pigments, Billionaire Bronze Skinsheen Bronzer Stick, Lush-Light Bronze Studio Careblend Powder, My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder, Short Shorts Eyeshadow, Saffron Eyeshadow, Surf USA Eyeshadow, Swell Baby Eyeshadow and Sun Blonde Eyeshadow.

At the event we were able to get tank tops or have our own t-shirts or tank tops stenciled on with hibiscus flowers or octopus stencils. I chose to buy a t-shirt at a shop near by rather than go with the plain white tank tops they had on hand.  The artist stenciled an octopus in aqua and yellow.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get all of the white bits of paper off of my shirt so far, but am sure those will come off with a bit of washing.

Many reviews and swatches to follow, along with a few FOTDs. :)

PS.  I'm sorry I wasn't able to get these pictures up sooner.  There's been a lot going on lately in my personal life that I will get into when I am ready.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

MAC Jeanius Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

The MAC Jeanius Collection was a bit of a blip on my radar.  It arrived in the midst of my no buy and it seemed like a good fit.  At the end of my no buy I picked up only Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow.

Stovepipe Black is a frosty dark gray in a denim embossed pattern with a small portion of copper overlay.  I found this had a rather dry texture and applied a bit dusty.  It lost its frostiness in the pan when applied.  I noticed that it needed to be worked in far more than with most other MAC eye shadows.  However, it appeared a little better when applied over some shimmery sticky base.  I tried it with MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, resulting in an improved appearance.

This is an eyeshadow that would be better layered over a base or as a crease or above crease shade.  It's nothing stellar so I wouldn't run out and get a backup.  If you are a total die hard for limited edition embossing, than it may be slightly worthwhile to pick up.

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