Monday, May 30, 2011

MAC Flower Power Budding Beauty Lipgelee & Bows & Curtsey Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

The MAC Fashionflower Collection includes a bevy of eyeshadows, lipgloss, lipstick and a beauty powder.  The powder products include an embossed floral daisy design across it.  I love makeup in limited edition packaging or any other diversion from the regular product line, such as embossing.  I passed on the beauty powders, but my mini haul included Budding Beauty Lipgelee and Bows & Curtsey Eyeshadow. 

Budding Beauty Lipgelee is a pinky coral with reflects gold.  It comes off a bit sheer, but great for a bit of shimmer and color.  It is not sticky or tacky, but will stick to hair if you get your hair close enough.  It has a thinner texture than that of regular MAC lipglass  and has a vanilla scent, similar to most MAC lipsticks.  This is a typical squeeze tube lipgloss style packaging that I like for on the go.  It is just so much easier than pulling a wand out. 

Bows & Curtsey Eyeshadow is a frosty metallic dark green in a satin finish.  It seems a bit dry when swatched, but works well as a crease or above crease shade.  Remember the Chanel Noir Obscurs Eyeshadow Quad?  Well this shade looks quite a bit like the green from the palette, but works a lot better when used.  

The MAC Fashionflower Collection didn't really wow me, except for the cute embossing on the eye shadows.  I do like both items I had purchased, but I probably wouldn't have gone too much out of my way to get them had they been sold out.  I think the MAC Lipgelees are definitely something to pick up for those days when all you want to wear is just lipgloss without any fuss.  They're also a little over 3 times the size as regular lipglass, so they last quite a bit longer.  

Have you picked up anything from MAC Fashionflower?  Anyone out there with some love for MAC Lipgelees like me? ;)

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  1. That e/s looks sooo pretty! Budding Beauty looks really pretty on you. :)

  2. Thanks! I love Budding Beauty. Been so busy lately, it's perfect :)