Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Spitfire Lipstick & Emancipation Lipglass Review & Swatches

At first, I was going to pass on the MAC Wonder Woman Collection lip products. Nothing had really caught my eye in promotional photo's.  However, I did pick up a few.  Spitfire Lipstick and Emancipation Lipglass made it into my bag. 

Spitfire is a creamy magenta with a hint more purple than fuschia. In a satin finish, it applies opaquely with two swipes and little issues in bleeding.  It surprised  me that it was so lovely.  It reminded me at first of MAC Girl About Town, but that is much more fuchsia.  Spitfire has a pearly less fuchsia sister of MAC Purple Rite (limited edition) of the Style Warriors collection.  Spitfire is also pretty close to MAC Pomposity lipstick (once again limited edition), but with a bit of a fuchsia shimmer.

Emancipation is a pale light pink.  It's got pearly shimmer strung through it and doesn't lean too yellow or blue.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of this on its own.  While it is very pigmented, it shows off my liplines far more than I desire.  It washes me out just a bit, so I'd probably wear this with a more dramatic eye and bright cheeks for balance.  Emancipation does take well to pale and medium pink lipstick.  I tried this over Speed Dial and Victorian lipstick, both looked lovely with Emancipation over top. 

The bonus out of Emancipation is its enormous size.  While a good $6 CAD more than the regular tube of lipglass, it is over double the regular size.  I know I won't need a back up of this gloss!

Now if I were to pick out one other product, it would have been Russian Red, a beautiful shade of blue red that is simply divine.  Since I already have Russian Red, I didn't feel the urge to get it as well.  I may pick up the coordinating lipglass though, just to get the namesake of the collection to top it all of ;) 

Hope this helps ladies! 

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